Today’s post was inspired by some good oul rose-tinted nostalgia! You see, I’m one of six kids so holidays abroad weren’t the way we rocked in our house as children. No, our summer holidays consisted of piling into our car to head to the rental park near Puck’s Castle in Dublin where together, we would pick out / fight over what caravan we were going to rent and subsequently travel around Ireland in for two weeks that summer. One camper that sadly never made a family holiday was the ever trendy retro vintage VW Camper / Kombi and now as an adult, I’m more obsessed with it than I ever was as a child. So to say that I’m pleased to see that they are fast becoming a must have for that vintage inspired wedding, would be a serious understatement and given that the 60s are to heavily influence you brides-to-be this year, we thought it would be only fitting to show you how this deadly little sixties mobile could quickly become the 3rd (and fourth wheel) to your destination wedding. In case you need another reason to include the VW Camper (other than being “totally far – out” of course ), here are 5!

retro vintage VW Camper

1) Stuff the Baggage Allowance….

This won’t particularly work of course if you are travelling from the States / Canada / Australia to lets say Europe but if you are marrying in the same country or can travel across the continent via Eurostar, Ferry, Road etc, then this is a great way to beat the bag allowance charges. No need to worry about how you are going to pack the dress, carry all DIY decorations and get them from the airport to the venue. Just camper van it to your destination. Leave a few days earlier and enjoy the trip, stay over in the lovely little towns along the way and soak up the beauty and culture of the country you loved so much, you decided to get married there! Think of the excitement as you set off on your adventure, maybe just the two of you, maybe with close family and friends. If “roughing” it is not your idea of fun, then bring the camper and stay in hotels on the way. Or, if you trust your mans groomsmen not to lead him astray, suggest one last road trip for the boys. They can still bring all the wedding essentials and you can travel light. We don’t want any of “The Hangover” scenarios so think this one through before suggesting it ladies! I know that this is something my own father and mother would actually just LOVE to do and I think I’d love to do it with them too.

2) Arrive in Serious Style!

No need to fret about trying to find a super cool automobile in a foreign country to get you to the church on time and in uber-high fashion. The only thing to fight about is whether its the guys or gals that get to rock up in this baby but given that you will most likely all be staying in the one or two hotels… designate the driver to make two runs. Guys go first!

retro vintage VW Camper

3) Sweet Bar / Drink Bar / Music Area at Venue

That the beloved campervan has been brought the whole way, we think it’s only right that it becomes an extension of the venue. The possibilities are endless. Add a canopy and a few fairy lights and it suddenly becomes the party place. Set up your dessert table from here, your beer bar or even have the DJ use it as his music station for the night and watch as the party starts. It could also be used as a relax zone simply adding a few chairs and cushions outside, maybe even beanbag if you have enough space to carry it.

4) CamperBooth!

Need I say much more! Add a few fun props inside and out and away you go. Get a Polaroid camera and let your guests post pictures and messages from the windows…. it will certainly make for fun post wedding reading!

5) Honeymooning…

What better way to explore the country you tied the knot in than by campervan. Chances are if you’ve decided to get married abroad, your probably planning your honeymoon for the same destination. Now, I’m not suggesting for a second that you spend the whole honeymoon on the side of a road but if you are going to travel, why not do it with a little more leg room! Then, if you do happen upon the most romantic cliff side with the most spectacular view that you have ever seen, at least you have the option of setting up camp for the night around a roaring fire, eating s’mores, allowing you to enjoy the scenery that little bit longer. And heck, if you don’t fancy the camper for honeymoon as well, you can always let someone else drive it back home.

And there you have it… I really do adore this gorgeous piece of vintage so hopefully it has put a few ideas into your heads. Love x

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