Originally from Zurich, Switzerland, Melina and Marvin chose to have their love session in Paris after a recent move to the city. When Melina was offered a job at a 5-star-hotel in Paris, Marvin didn’t have to think and was right there with her. Now living in the beautiful Quartier Marais, right next to the river Seine, they enjoy every day life in the City of Lights and wanted to use places they walk by every day for their portrait with Carito Photography. We thought it would provide lots of inspiration for those seeking a relaxing honeymoon in Paris and Melina and Marvin have kindly shared some of their favourite places and things to do that are perhaps a bit less touristy below!

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From Carito Photography

“Together we walked along the Ile de la Cité, one of the islands in the Seine and roamed the picturesque streets of the Quartier Marais with it’s small boutiques, cafés and bars. We stopped to buy some macarons and had a quick coffee together before heading to Trocadero to enjoy the stunning view of the Eiffel Tower. The whole afternoon was filled with so much laugther, hugs and overall cuteness that I would go back to Paris in a heartbeat just to have these two again in front of my camera.”

From Melina

“Paris, the beautiful city of love and lights, keeps so many secrets – hidden in each corner of these wonderful and narrow streets. And our key to discover them is to simply take your time!

It sounds easy and obvious, but the endless sights, cultural highlights and uncountable events can lead you to think that you must experience it all. But you can only see the beauty of Paris if you take the time to enjoy everything you’re doing fully.

Here are some of our little city secrets:

For the most romantic, luxurious and truly parisian experience you should stay at the ‘La Réserve Hotel & Spa’, which has just opened and is the place to be – an experience you will always remember!

The culinary variety makes a wonderful dinner for the two of you indispensable. For this occasion please try the seven course degustation menu at the ‘Atelier Rodier’, where the chef says his personal farewell wishes to every guest.

Don’t forget to eat at least one french pastry from the various ‘boulangeries’ of the city. For example the ‘Éclair de Génie’.

The only time you might think the city could be asleep is if you walk down the empty streets on Saturday or Sunday morning. You won’t believe how beautifully quiet the awakening city is! That is also a perfect occasion to check out one of the famous markets in the morning hours (try the ‘Marché aux Puces’ in Saint Ouen for antiques and great second hand fashion from all epochs.

In order to discover Paris from another angle it’s a good idea to leave the metro behind and to rent a bicycle from the nearest ‘Vélib-station’. It’s a great way to travel for everyone with a small budget and a great way to absorb the spirit of the city. Enjoy those precious moments and some fresh air while cycling down the narrow alleys, or even the Champs Élysées next to your loved one.

Unlock your own Parisian secrets with the key of taking your time while capturing those precious moments that will always belong to the two of you.”



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