Good afternoon lovelies! We are really enjoying this week on FAB with some particularly beautiful posts this week – if you are looking for a tea length wedding dress to keep cool on your destination wedding, perhaps you should take a look back on Monday’s post. Today I am busy rehearsing music for a wedding that I’m also a guest at tomorrow so I’m really looking forward to starting the weekend early! We are back with our Flowers from Amsterdam series today and this time, we are taking a close look having a romantic ranunculus wedding bouquet, a flower that’s cousin to the pretty peony. We started this series because one of the areas destination brides have difficulty with is explaining the types of flowers or colours they would like for their wedding in most cases because there is a language barrier. Many destination brides also choose to make their own bouquets and flower centre pieces and hope to find what they are looking for at local markets. As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words so our advice is to email or print out pictures of flower types that you really want to feature as part of your day, know if they are in season or not and then take on challenge of translating to your florist or market seller.

Ranunculus Wedding Bouquet


Ranunculus is in season from January to May but like all other flowers they can be imported if you are prepared to pay the premium.


Cut stems diagonally and place in fresh water that has been prepared with flower food. Change the water every 24 hours and cut the stems diagonally every 24 to 48 hours until your wedding day. Keep ranunculus away from fruit as they are sensitive to ethylene and keep them stored in a cool place if your wedding is a few days away. The stems also tend to naturally bend as they are top heavy so bear that in mind when arranging them.


Ranunculus comes in an array of vibrant colours making them a popular wedding flower. They can be found in shades of white, yellow, orange, pink, red, and copper even bright green and some flowers come with edges of another shade.


French ✈Ranunculus | Spanish ✈ Ranúnculo | Italian ✈Ranuncolo | Danish ✈Ranunculus | German ✈Ranunkel | Maltese ✈Ranunculus | Portuguese ✈Ranúnculo| Dutch ✈Ranonkel | Swedish ✈Ranunculus

See if you can spot this modest little flower in the bouquets and arrangements below. We just love the array of colours that they are available in!

Ranunculus Wedding Bouquet

Ranunculus Wedding Bouquet

Ranunculus Wedding Bouquet

Ranunculus Wedding Bouquet

Ranunculus Wedding Bouquet

How about these lovely Ranunculus Wedding invitations?

Have you found your wedding flower? Let us know what you think. See you tomorrow for our FAB 5 x

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