The beautiful wedding inspiration session we have for you today comes to us from the extraordinarily rugged landscape of Almería in Spain’s Andalusian region: the scenery here has been the set for many films and series- most recently ‘Exodus’ and ‘Game of Thrones’. We are completely in love with the stark, almost bleak setting contrasted with the glitzy outdoor tablescape and glamorous bridal gowns. The wedding vendors involved used ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ as a starting point, inspired by the film’s powerful and energetic use of vibrant colours against a sun-bleached backdrop of arid desert. Opi from Open the Door Events discovered that by using red and silver a magical setting could be created, and in collaboration with Sttilo Photography sought to capture the glamour and elegance of the film with floaty silk chiffon Anna Campbell dresses, romantic free-spirited Daughters of Simone gowns, and brides adorned with sapphires, pearls and other precious stones. The dusty desert setting took on a surreal and dreamlike atmosphere, comparable to the three graces in Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’. The session wasn’t even hindered by losing a model- one of the gorgeous founders of gown suppliers Jean Jackson Couture stepped in at the last minute to save the day!

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Photography: Sttilo Photography | Organisation & Styling: Open the Door Events | Wedding Gowns: Anna Campbell & Daughters of Simone from Jean Jackson Couture| Jewellery: Adame Joyero | Cakes: Martina Cakes | Flower Crown: Pinsapo | Retro Decoration: ¿Te acuerdas? | Hair & Makeup: Sharai Montes

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