This gorgeous Positano inspired wedding palette is based around the deep sea tones, soft sunlight and warm wine shades of this most beautiful of Italian towns. You may have come across our destination-inspired wedding palette series before, and if so you’ll know we are always talking about making the most of the beautiful surroundings at your destination wedding. Because, that’s why you picked a destination wedding isn’t it? This series helps readers to choose their wedding colours from specific locations, and today we look at the insanely gorgeous Positano, a town along Italy’s world-famous Amalfi Coast and one of the most beautiful wedding settings in the world. The darker shades of this palette have been selected from the shadowy blue heights of the mountainous backdrop and the deep crimson tones of the delicious wine and olives found here. The ever-present sunlight, sand and natural stone buildings bring perfect neutral ivory hues. Lots of greenery in bouquets and floral displays works really well, with a few points of the dark crimson if needed for effect. Keep metallics to a minimum with this palette, use bare wood where you can, and really just let the more natural tones be the highlight. As always, you want your colours to emphasise the natural beauty of your chosen location- which in this case, is fantastically beautiful. Don’t fret too much about details- we can’t say it enough: your setting is the key so let it shine! If you’re looking for more inspiration from this part of the world, don’t miss these beautiful Amalfi Coast destination wedding features. For more destination-based wedding colour inspiration, check out our Montenegro, Paris, IcelandBarcelona and Santorini wedding palettes. Thanks once again to House of Hannah for today’s beautiful inspiration!

Inspired by Positano

Images (clockwise from top left): Rochelle Cheever via Magnolia Rouge | Flowers: India Earl via Noahs Weddings | Photographer unknown via Lovely PrettyMaite Lunde | Hither and Thither | Rochelle Cheever via Fly Away Bride


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