Well we are exhausted after our birthday celebrations! We’re pretty proud that Fly Away Bride is one year old. Hope you had a good weekend too, and we’re hoping to brighten your morning today with what I think is the prettiest flower- the poppy. They just seem so delicate with their tissue-paper leaves. I always think of poppies as red, but apparently they come in many different shades- even blue and purple. I never realised till I started researching this post what the symbolism around poppies was all about and to be honest it put me off a little. But then I stopped and thought- would it stop me using poppies as a wedding flower? And no, it wouldn’t! If you are looking for something a little bit different for your bouquet, poppies might be for you.

Poppies as a Wedding BouquetsSouthern Weddings

Poppies as a Wedding Flower

✈ Symbolism

Poppies grow wild throughout Europe. They were originally used to remember troops after the first world war as the battlefields were covered in poppies. With their significance regarding remembrance, if you have someone you’d like to remember at your wedding who is no longer with us, then poppies might be a good choice. Poppies also have medicinal properties- they are used to produce opium and opiate drugs such as codeine and morphine. Perhaps because of this they have come to symbolize sleep, and even death (though this may be because of the common poppy’s red shade which is similar to blood). Don’t get too discouraged however, as the white poppy symbolizes peace!

Poppies as a wedding flower

Poppies as a wedding flowerLittle PheasantBows and Arrows via Ruffled

Poppies as a wedding flowerFlowerwild via Green Wedding ShoesStephanie Williams via Green Wedding Shoes

✈ Availability and Use

Poppies bloom from late spring to mid summer. Since they grow in the wild they are generally hardy plants. They have a leafless stem, so poppies are particularly suited to table arrangements. They can be curved to suit an unusual centerpiece arrangement. Poppies also work well alongside almost any other flowers in a bouquet or arrangement.

Poppies as a wedding flower

Poppies on wedding invitesClive NicholsVeseysWedding Chicks | Magnet Street | Citrus and Orange

✈ Tips

Poppies are not very long lasting. Here are a few tips to make them last as long as you can:

✈ Cut 2 cm off each stem with sharp blade.

✈ Place in cold water right away.

✈ Don’t mix with other flowers until the day after they have been cut.

✈ Change the water they are in every day.

✈ Use a preservative to open buds and prolong flowering.

✈ If using in a table display, use a tall vase so stems don’t topple.

Wedding PoppiesChris Court via Once Wed

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  1. Megan

    LOVE poppies. That invitation is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration for stationery and bouquets!

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