Elinor and Adam met in university in London and fell in love through a shared passion for sport. In June this year they will realise a lifelong dream of getting married in an Italian villa, Villa Corliano, just outside of Pisa nestled in the Tuscan countryside. They decided to book Stefano Santucci for a photo session to celebrate their love and spend a quiet day together in Pisa before the madness and hype of the wedding celebrations in a few months’ time. On a sunny morning the trio set off to enjoy a stroll through the centre of the famous town, where Stefano captured these beautiful shots (more from Stefano below on Pisa and where they went to shoot the images).

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“A lot of couples getting married  in Italy ask us to do an engagement session beforehand in a fabulous city such as Venice, Florence or Rome. Pisa is considered the minor sister of Florence but it’s a truly lovely city to visit. Elinor, Adam and I started our session in the early morning in Campo dei Miracoli where the famous leaning tower and baptistry dome is located. The color of the marble here happened to be a perfect match for Elinor’s dress! Though we had been dubious of the weather (it rained just before and after we finished the shoot) it was lovely and remained sunny for the time we were shooting. From the Campo we moved to the Normale University, another beautiful area of the city. From there we moved along through some little streets with typical shops and lovely vintage signs. We decided to end the session along the Arno River, the same river that divides Florence, on a walk called Spallette. Pisa is chock-full of artisan shops and historical places- it’s really the perfect place for a photography session.” 

Photography: Stefano Santucci Studio | Dress: Asos | Shoes: Reiss | Make-up: Nars | Pearl Earrings: Present from Adam | Adam’s Shirt: Adolfo Dominguez | Chinos and Jacket: Zara | Shoes: M&S

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