We have such a beautiful but simple love story for you today set in a country that will forever be in my heart, New Zealand. Originally from Niue, Antonia and Bristow have known each other their whole lives but both moved to New Zealand at different times. In 2012, when Antonia went back to Niue Island for a family function, she caught up with Bristow who (to her surprise) had moved back to the Island a year earlier. Antonia fell instantly in love with Bristow and two days before she returned to New Zealand, he declared his love for her! They couldn’t be apart, so he moved to New Zealand to be with her and they have been together ever since! They now have a beautiful 9 month old baby boy and are happily planning their wedding next year at home on their beautiful island Niue but because they now call Auckland their home, they wanted to have their engagement session in New Zealand. Their shoot took place on the black sandy Piha Beach on the west coast of the North Island, a spot Mike and I were lucky enough to see for ourselves in 2013 and thanks to Judy at Katsphotos, I will be daydreaming of the most wonderful month we spent there for the rest of today! Piha Beach Engagement

Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0001 Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0002 Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0003 Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0004 Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0005 Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0006 Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0007Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0008 Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0009 Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0010 Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0011 Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0013Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0014 Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0015 Piha Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0016 New Zealand Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0017 New Zealand Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0018 New Zealand Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0019New Zealand Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0020 New Zealand Beach Engagement by www.katsphotos.net_0021

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