Every so often a wedding comes along where we just can’t stop at our usual amount of photos, and Angela and Francesco’s wedding was one of these. The couple decided to marry in one of the most picturesque spots in all of Italy, near the small town of Pienza in the Tuscan countryside. After eighteen years together the couple tied the knot in a little country church in an intimate celebration of love, and with Stefano Santucci behind the lens, it’s no wonder we couldn’t narrow down our image selection!

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“We met on a beach near where we both live on the Island of Elba, Tuscany. After eighteen years together we decided to finally get married on a weekend away to Pienza in Tuscany- the scenery was so beautiful that we knew it would make the perfect setting for a wedding. The main challenge was living on an island far away from the venue and carrying out most of the organization by email and phone.


Thankfully, we found wedding planners Il Canto di Imeneo based in Montepulciano. They helped us with everything from catering to photographers, venue and flowers etc, and of course in choosing our venue: “Apparita” in Montichiello, about four kilometres from the town of Pienza. For the wedding itself, we tried to keep in context with the romantic venue and surroundings rather than have a theme as such.


The choice of catering and the venue were by far the best decisions we made. The owner of Apparita, Manuela, was exceptionally helpful, generous and professional. We rented the whole venue for the weekend and our closest family stayed there with us. The level of catering was very high and the chef, Katia Maccari (executive chef of Restaurant I Salotti di Villa Il Patriarca, Chiusi, Tuscany) was extremely accommodating in respecting our requests. She is one of the few female chefs to have been awarded a Michelin star rating. Also, deciding to bring along our local priest from our hometown, Don Mirko, to celebrate the ceremony made it all the more special. The whole three days were perfect, spent with our closest family in a beautiful place that we both love and we have no regrets whatsoever. We would advise anyone interested in getting married in this beautiful location to contact our wedding planners Francesca and Martina who created the perfect occasion!”

Photography: Stefano Santucci Studio | Wedding Planner: Il Canto di Imeneo | Church: Pieve di Corsignano, Pienza | Reception Venue: Villa L’Apparita | Bride’s Dress: Elisabetta Polignano from Le Spose di Giò | Groom’s Suit: Sartoria Rossi | Flowers, Styling & Invitations: Il Canto di Imeneo | Hair: My Hair srl di Chiodo Marina, La Spezia | Makeup: Ilaria di Cento Estetico Grazia | Decor Rentals: Preludio Catering | Catering: Il Patriarca

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