Not even torrential rain could dampen Marie and Eamon’s beautiful wedding. The couple met while working together and celebrated their day at Ballymagarvey Village after their church ceremony. Their wedding features a dream team consisting of photographer Paula O’Hara and cinematographer Story of Eve.  We are just a little obsessed with Marie’s dress, and don’t miss their sweet video below.

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“Our story begins in the corridors of Davy where we both worked, well not necessarily the corridors of Davy, more so the annual work Christmas Party where every true love story begins! After staring at each other across the room for majority of the meal we both casually (completely on purpose) happened to bump into each other. Tragically it was all nearly over before it even began when Eamonn used his GAA career as a chat up line and I made a swift exit for the bar. But luckily after a couple of chance meetings in the office and some moderately creepy stalking of the internal staff directory, he finally plucked up the courage to ask me out. Fast forward to February 2011 and our first date in O’Donoghues (Merrion Row) pub and the rest is history! We’ve had a wonderful journey since then full of laughs, love and adventure and on the 30th of December 2013 while in Paris after a boat trip down the Seine, we got engaged – despite the fact Eamonn forgot the bended knee part! From there ensued a most enjoyable journey to our wedding day on May 8th 2015 where a lot of hard work culminated in a truly unforgettable day for us.


For me, one of the best things about the day was seeing all our hard work pay off. It made all the months of meticulous planning; the late night DIY sessions and stresses over who to invite (and who not to invite!) so worthwhile when we got to see all our nearest and dearest enjoy all the little details and effort we had put in to making our day very much our own. Of course there were bumps along the way! But you just have to try and brush them off and get on with it. A highlight for me was at about 4 o’clock the day before the wedding as my dressmaker was frantically trying to finish my dress while I fielding a call from my florist who rang to inform me that the priest had made her disassemble the floral arch (which I had spent a fortune on!) over the entrance of the church. At that point it was too late for stress!


For us I think two moments would stand out – firstly when our eyes met at the top of the altar and the realization that our hard work and effort in the run up to the big day was about to pay off. Here we were on the happiest day of our lives and not even the torrential rain outside could dampen our spirits. Secondly when we walked hand in hand into the beautiful banquet hall in Ballymagarvey Village, which was full of our closest friends and family as we prepared for a night to remember.


Enjoy every single minute of it- it goes far too quickly! I would go back and do it all over again in a heartbeat if I could so please try to enjoy it all. You just have to assume it will all work out and kick back and enjoy everything that’s to come. Also, we would highly recommend getting a cinematographer – they blend into the crowd much more easily than your traditional ‘video guy’ and people feel more at ease around them. Most people just assumed Michael was a second photographer!  I don’t think I could adequately articulate how much the film Story of Eve created for us means to us. The short film full of beautiful clips from the day so beautifully tells our own unique and special story. Every time we put it on, it instantly brings to life all the memories and feelings from the day and is a constant reminder to us of how lucky we are to have found each other and to have so many wonderful friends and family to live and laugh with.”

Cinematographer: Story of Eve | Photographer: Paula O’Hara | Styling: Ourselves | Ceremony Location: Church of the Immaculate Conception, Rathfeigh | Reception Location: Ballymagarvey Village | Flowers: Joeanna Caffrey | Entertainment: Ingrid Madsen, Bohemian Strings, Spring Break | Stationery: Little Letters | Rings: Appleby & Voltaire Diamonds | Shoes: Bespoke by Emmy London | Dresses: Bespoke by Margaret Coyle at Anabel Rose | Groom’s Suit: Paul Smith | Hair: Joanne Kelly | Make-Up Artist: Kate Rose Crean | Sweet Cart: McCarron’s Candy | Fireworks: Emerald Fireworks

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  1. Linda

    These are gorgeous wedding photos. And Ireland…it’s on my bucket list of places to visit one day. So beautiful.


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