The Penhalta label caught our eye in yesterday’s beautiful Lisbon bridal shoot. The Penhalta fashion brand has been around for fifty years, and we particularly love their 2016 bridal collection. These gowns feature lace overlays, windows of skin, body-embracing silhouettes, low backs and even one elegant pant suit, so on trend for the 2016 season. The collection has a timeless, romantic air- a perfect bridal gown for the modern princess, full of rich, sumptuous fabrics: silk, many-layered tulle and lots of lace. Don’t miss the gorgeous cape below, and a few more of our favourites from the Penhalta Bridal 2016 collection. 

Penhalta Bridal 2016 Penhalta Bridal 2016 Penhalta Bridal 2016 Penhalta Bridal 2016Penhalta Wedding Gowns_0007 Penhalta Wedding Gowns_0008Penhalta Wedding Gowns_0001

Gown Images: Penhalta

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