Kletjana and Giovanni knew they wanted to marry on a Greek island and when they found Paros, it had everything they needed. The Greek islands are host to some of the most spectacular weddings we feature here at Fly Away Bride but we have to say, this venue is one of the most impressive we’ve come across. The poolside reception dinner overlooking the Aegean sea lit by hundreds of candles is just breathtaking- it really has to be seen to be believed. Bernard Pretorius was there to capture the day and has more for us below on how the planning team went that extra mile to make the wedding so sensational.

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“We always wanted to get married on an island, and we chose Greece as we- the groom in particular- had loved the atmosphere, the sea, the people, and the light on the Aegean islands on previous vacations. The first time we saw Paros we really loved the island, but to be honest, we didn’t pick this island for a specific reason. Our decision was more based on our dream to have our celebration on a Greek island, and Paros provided the opportunities (facilities, and so on) that we needed.

We opted to have our celebration at a private villa on the west side of the island. The villa was astonishing – the location, the architecture and the view. It was just not comparable to other options we have seen. We wanted to do something special, which this really was. When we started planning the wedding, I think we didn’t start with a clear idea of what we wanted in terms of details and décor. Of course we had some ideas – we knew we wanted the main colour to be white and we wanted intimacy for the party. We were just led by our wedding planners, who made up a great setting, even more suitable to our expectations than we had hoped for.

Thinking back on the day there were many memorable moments for us. In particular we fondly remember the feelings as Kletjana came walking down the aisle and also the first time we saw the setting and setup of the reception. But we have to say our arrival at the reception down the main entrance of the villa was amazing! It summed up the importance of the celebration to us.” 


“On the west side of Paros, high on the cliffs looking over the Aegean Sea towards Antiparos sits an amazing villa. Apart from the secluded location and great view, its modern architecture is stunning and quintessentially Greek. White lines and edges offset against the blue sky. Bringing a touch of luxury, The Twelve Events dressed up an already fantastic venue and made it even more spectacular (although I thought this was not possible). Some things that stood out for me, that I have not seen at weddings before were:

  • The mirrored table top. During the day it produced reflections of the white buildings and blue skies. At night it doubled up all the candlelight to create incredible ambiance. Glass table decorations enhanced the mirrored tabletop and spread more of the ambiance from the lights.
  • The dessert station was like something I have never seen before. It felt like hundreds of individual, bespoke glass containers, each containing a different sweet treat to be enjoyed throughout the evening. Again throw in the candlelight bouncing off the glass and it was magic!
  • Candles, candles and more candles. Panagiotis and his team really went above and beyond. Hundreds if not thousands of candles surrounded the venue; around the pool, down staircases, on the table, around the table. Once the sun set over the venue it was transformed into a fairy tale.
  • Refreshment table at the ceremony provided much needed liquid relief from the warm weather, and fresh grapes as snacks. Beautifully dressed up and presented by the team.
  • Wedding favours were little boxes, filled with personalised olive oil, olive soap and Mastic (a local spirit)

Dinner took place on a raised terrace overlooking the pool and sea, with nothing more than candlelight. The food was top tier and incredibly tasty- hats off to the chef. For the party everybody moved down to the decking around the pool where dancing continued until the early hours of the morning. Walking away at the end of the night, I really thought to myself: this is how you do a stylish wedding with magical, luxury touches. Just beautiful!”

Photography: Bernard Pretorius | Wedding Planning, Decoratoin & Coordination: The Twelve Events | Venue: The Edge | Ceremony: Agios Antonios, Catholic Church | Hair & Make-Up:  Maria B. | Caterer:  Aliprantis Catering | DJ: Costadinos Davoutis

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