We get to share such lovely stories on Fly Away Bride and todays is exceptionally beautiful. Husbands, if you are looking for a romantic gesture to celebrate an upcoming anniversary then you might want to take a leaf out of Cris’ book. In an effort to show his wife Sandra just how much their life together means to him and at the same time, to teach his children that honest, meaningful and thoughtful acts of love are key to a loving and lasting marriage, he booked a suprise trip for his wife to Europe so that they could renew their wedding vows in Paris. Although Sandra eventually found out about the trip, she still was non the wiser when it came to the real reason behind it and on the day of their wedding anniversary, they met with their photographers Rowell Photographers along the Seine and the surprise was revealed. After many happy tears, they gathered in front of the Pont de Bir Hakeim where their vow renewal was to take place at noon. An iphone was set up so that Cris’ mother and their children could witness the ceremony from Ontario and just like that, 15 joyful years of marriage were cemented even further.

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