We are delighted today to introduce our readers to Left Bank Scooters, a great Paris scooter rental company for those thinking about heading to the city of lights who might be looking for a fun, unique form of transport (and not only for a wedding!) I really can’t think of a better way to see the city. Read on for more details of what this company has going on:

Paris Scooter Rental

Can you tell us a little about Left Bank Scooters and what you offer?

Left Bank Scooters are a Vespa rental and tour business in Paris. We rent Vespa scooters that are delivered to your hotel anywhere in Paris, and do small group-guided tours of Paris and Versailles. All scooters are the latest model vintage-styled Vespas. Very chic!

How far in advance would you recommend booking a scooter?

It’s best to book a scooter rental or tour at least a few weeks in advance to guarantee availability. Tour groups are very small, usually 1 or 2 scooters per group, so they fill up pretty quickly.

Do you cater to many couples getting married who want a scooter as transportation?

Sure- we do transportations to weddings and have the Vespas available for photo shoots all around the city.

Paris Scooter rental

What advice would you have for couples who rent a scooter for this purpose?

It is necessary to have experience driving a scooter or motorbike before renting.

I see you give scooter tours around France- could you tell us a bit about these?

One of the most exciting and unique way to visit a city as picturesque as Paris is by scooter. Doing a guided tour you will follow your guide through the city visiting various monuments, places of interest, and off-the-beaten track parts of the city. We stop every 10 minutes or so to learn about the history, hear stories and anecdotes and of course for some photos! We have various tours- half day or full day, all starting and finishing from your hotel.

Paris Scooter Rental

Have you got any exciting plans or news that you’d like to tell us about?

We will be starting a sidecar tour business this year. Sidecars are amazing as they seat 3 people, so we are able to give private tours of Paris for couples together. The sidecars are great looking, very comfortable, safe- and attract a lot of attention!

Paris Scooter Rental

It was a pleasure dealing with Adam who provided all the information. Make sure you check out Left Bank Scooters to have a look at the different scooters and tours they have!

Images: Left Bank Scooters

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  1. The French Wedding Show

    Oh these are great, for engagement or post wedding shoots as well (with the sidecar the photographer can easily join, genius!). And of course they are the best way to go around Paris!


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