Adelle and Julien planned their destination wedding in Paris all the way from Australia: a truly international couple, they currently live in Houston, Texas. They were helped in the planning process by the indispensable Camille of Parisian Inspired Wedding and captured on the day by Marika of La Femme Gribouillage. Adelle and Julien chose to celebrate with a lovely symbolic ceremony in the gardens of the Palais Royal followed by dinner in a local restaurant.We simply love the Parisian chic of this wedding!

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Adelle is a landscape architect, originally from Perth in Western Australia, and Julien is a geologist, of English and French descent, raised in Australia. They met through a mutual friend while studying in Melbourne. Julien asked Adelle to marry him during a vacation in Mexico in the Yucatan peninsula. After a delicious lunch of seafood on the coast lined with palm trees and small fishing villages they walked along the beach to a small jetty. With their feet in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico Julien made his request!


Paris is a special place for Adelle as for Julien. As they say “There’s nothing quite like Paris in the summer” (there is nothing more beautiful than Paris in summer). They chose to get married abroad because they wanted to enjoy holidays with their loved ones, as well as because in July it is winter in the southern hemisphere and Julien being half French it made perfect sense for to organize the wedding in Paris. It was the accumulation of many dreams.


Planning a wedding in Paris from the United States with the majority of guests coming from Australia was a huge challenge.  Without Parisian Inspired the couple would never have had the wedding of their dreams: the day could not have been more perfect and it is only thanks to all the efforts of Camille that it was such a success.


The ceremony took place on a very sunny afternoon in the shady gardens of the Palais Royal with a breeze gently moving the leaves against the magical sound of the fountain. A close friend officiated the ceremony: it was authentic and a great reflection of the couple. There were several small but lovely touches that made the day so special- white balloons hanging in the garden, small arrangements of flowers and candles on the reception tables, the restaurant hosts’ personalities- everything was just perfect.


Adelle: “Ascending the avenue of trees, smiling at Jules and seeing all of our guests at the Palais Royal.”
Julien: “That feeling of love and belonging during the speeches at the reception. We were both surrounded by our families, friends and those we love the most with which we shared our emotion, gratitude and excitement: it was truly a memorable moment.”

Photography: La Femme Gribouillage | Planning: Parisian Inspired Wedding | Ceremony Location: Jardins du Palais-Royal | Reception: Restaurant: Les Niçois | Flowers: Bride’s Mother | Dress: Zimmerman | Shoes: Kate Spade | Groom’s Suit: Q Clothier | Groom’s Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue | Decor: Les Niçois & Parisian Inspired Wedding

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