Today is a big day. Today, I leave for Italy. For my wedding. It came around so so quickly even though we felt we were having a very long engagement. We have a full schedule of posts for next week but I hope you don’t mind that Amy and I take a two week break starting the 17th of August to enjoy spending time with our family and friends! We will be featuring some really beautiful weddings and inspiration from the archive and will give another little reminder next week. Before departing, I wanted to share with you the latest collection from my favourite, Paolo Sebastian. His latest collection, entitled The Nightingale is one of my favourites to date. Beaded fringe gowns, delicate feathering detail, bishop sleeves and gorgeous illusion fabrics in shades of peony, pewter and copper are a delight and with each and every one of the embroideries sketched first by hand, Paul Vasileff explains where the idea and inspiration for his 2016 collection came from.

”It sprang from the Nightingale story, and similar folktales of the time. They really intrigued me. They have a lovelorn, melancholy feel, but in the end love conquers all. Some of those stories were set in 1920s, which sparked my imagination and led to that vintage feel, the tassels.”

Paolo Sebastian | The Nightingale_0001 Paolo Sebastian | The Nightingale_0002 Paolo Sebastian | The Nightingale_0003 Paolo Sebastian | The Nightingale_0004 Paolo Sebastian | The Nightingale_0005 Paolo Sebastian | The Nightingale_0006 Paolo Sebastian | The Nightingale_0007 Paolo Sebastian | The Nightingale_0008 Paolo Sebastian | The Nightingale_0009 Paolo Sebastian | The Nightingale_0010 Paolo Sebastian | The Nightingale_0011

“The Nightingale sings a song so sweet and true, pale moonlight draped upon her shoulders.”

Paolo Sebastian

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