Olivier of WeddingLight found this beautiful spot in Normandy and recognized its potential as a great shoot location. The vendors involved sought to capture a boudoir shoot out in the open set amidst nature. The vintage-style dress was provided by Max Chaoul from his “Decades” collection. Lingerie was provided by Absolutely Pôm, from a collection for inner and outer wear, day or night, combining wonderful pure French fabrics with elegant and chic designs. The looks are a mix of covered, relaxed styles mixed with some sensual and intimate pieces: thus showing brides that a boudoir shoot can be anything that you want it to be and all depends on the bride herself and what makes her feel beautiful. At the end of the day, that’s the goal of a boudoir shoot. We are absolutely in love with the jewellery and headpieces by Cécile Boccara.

Boudoir in Normandy with www.weddinglight.com_0000 Boudoir in Normandy with www.weddinglight.com_0007 Boudoir in Normandy with www.weddinglight.com_0003 Boudoir in Normandy with www.weddinglight.com_0001 Boudoir in Normandy with www.weddinglight.com_0006Boudoir in Normandy with www.weddinglight.com_0008 Boudoir in Normandy with www.weddinglight.com_0005

Dress: “Louise- 1920” by Max Chaoul | Lingerie: Absolutely Pôm | Headpieces & Jewelry: Cécile Boccara | Rings: Didier Guillemain | Shoes: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent | Makeup: Marion Bodinier | Hair: Muriel Palace | Photography: Olivier Lalin of WeddingLight Photography | Location: Normandy, France

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