Carolyn and Cameron opted for a destination wedding because it allowed them to keep the wedding small and intimate, as well as being more romantic and exciting than having it at home. Although they first thought Paris might be a bit cliche, they soon decided it would be fun- and ultimately they were so glad they picked this beautiful city. Their romantic Musée Rodin wedding was captured by the talented Catherine O’Hara.

How They Met

“We met on a horse farm. Carolyn was living in the farm house, and Cameron was living in an apartment attached to the barn. We were just friends for many years before things became romantic. We even lived in different cities for a while before coming back together. We had a very private proposal. Cameron bought a house so that the two of us could move in together. He had the empty house filled with flowers so that when Carolyn walked in for the first time she was greeted with wonderful colors and smells. The ring along with some champagne and 24 long stem roses were on the kitchen island. Cameron got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. 

Destination Decision 

Having a destination wedding allowed us to keep the wedding small and intimate. Also, it is more romantic and exciting than having it at home. We picked Paris almost immediately. It seemed a bit cliché at first, but we ultimately decided that it would be fun, romantic, and a wonderful experience. Our biggest challenge was the language barrier. We did not speak French, and it was difficult to communicate our wishes. The next biggest challenge was the 8 hour time difference. It is hard to schedule things when our waking hours are so disparate. Finally, due to the previous challenges, it was almost impossible to effectively research the various services to determine which would be best for our needs.


We looked at various wedding planner websites and decided to go with Marina’s company “Dreams in Paris. She was absolutely amazing. She deftly coordinated all aspects of the wedding exactly as we wished. Ultimately, everything went extremely smoothly and according to plan. We could not have asked for a better planner and would recommend her to anyone. For the day and decor, we didn’t have a style or theme as such, but we both tend to lean towards traditional things.

Best Decision & Advice 

Hiring Marina as our wedding planner was our best decision. The most memorable moment for Cameron was watching Carolyn walk along the path towards him as he waited for her at the altar. She was so beautiful. Also, driving around town with our photographer Catherine- taking pictures in various picturesque locations was so beautiful and a lot of fun. Catherine was very easy to work with and she made us feel special. Also, the pictures turned out wonderfully. For Carolyn, the most memorable moment was touring around Paris having our pictures taken. Our photographer was wonderful and very personable; it was so fun and romantic. I felt like a Queen with her King! With regard to guests extending their trip, Cameron’s father stayed on Paris for another week, and Carolyn’s family stayed a few more days in Paris and then traveled off to Ireland and Iceland. Our advice would be: Get a wedding planner! Make sure you get a good one.”

Photography: Catherine O’Hara | Videography: Tuan Nguyen | Wedding Planner: Dreams in Paris (Marina Perrin-Sipus) | Ceremony: Musée Rodin | Wedding Celebrant: Jérome Perrin |Hair & Makeup: Agence 07 | Florist: Pierre Kavaciuk | Catering: Matthieu & Pauline | Car Hire: Carrosse d’or | Violinist: Eloise Renard

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