We are starting this week on a major high with a mountain wedding in Munich. For Forrest and Andrew, the big white wedding was just not a priority and instead they eloped to the stunning Alpine mountains in Germany to exchange their vows. Capturing the beauty was Denise Stock and we think the images speak for themselves.

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From the bride..

“Andrew and I met our freshman year of college while we were both attending the University of Tennessee. Soon after we started dating, Andrew transferred universities and was now living 3 hours away. This leads me to why we chose this non-traditional wedding. We were in a long distance relationship for close to 3 years before our engagement. This engagement not only marked our commitment to be married but it was also a sign that we would soon be able to see each other more than just once or twice a month or on university breaks. Hooray! When we started thinking about planning a wedding we soon realised that all we wanted was to be married. We didn’t want the extravagant cake or the expensive venue – we just wanted to have an intimate ceremony without the usual wedding stresses. What better place to have this intimate ceremony we dreamed of in the Alps!

I have so many favorite parts of that day! One of my favorites was the feeling after we were married. Andrew and I kept looking at each other saying, “We’re married!” and “We’re on a mountain in Germany!” so surreal. It was the most bizarre and amazing feeling to be able to just look at the most amazing panoramic view and try to take in every moment.

As for advice, I would recommend finding your “Denise”. Denise Stock was hired as our photographer, but ended up being much more. She knew what we needed before we did – Whether it was finding the spot we would be married at, picking us up from the train station, or bringing pretzels to snack on after the ceremony, Denise had us covered. She truly made our wedding day better than we had dreamed of. And I cannot thank her enough!

The only thing I would do differently would be to stay longer in Tegernsee! If we would have known about this gem of a city while we were planning our wedding trip we would have planned a few nights to spend there. When we return to Germany, Tegernsee will be on our list of cities to stay.”

Photographer/Wedding Planner: Denise Stock Fotografie | Bouquet: Goldmann Blumenkunst | Make-up: Nina Bacon www.ninastock.de | Headpiece: Eucca Floral | Forrest’s Dress: bhldn | Andrew’s Suit: J.Crew | Forrest’s Rings: Rare Pink | Andrew’s Ring: Kay Jewelers | Stationery: easyprintPD on Etsy

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  1. Andria

    OMG I LOVE THIS WEDDING SO MUCH! I’ve always wanted my wedding to be at the beach but after seeing this, I’m actually reconsidering. <3


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