Diana and Edgar took to the Lisbon coast one windy day last April for their romantic engagement session inspired by the Wes Anderson film “Moonrise Kingdom”. We love the colours and accessories they chose, as well as the beautiful Lisbon setting. The couple ventured to the rocky beach and as well as exploring the city’s intimate and colourful backstreets. Their session was captured by Laura and Dragos, the team behind Be Light Photography

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“When we envisioned our engagement photo session we had in mind something from a Wes Anderson movie- splashes of colour and a touch of romance, with an idyllic Portuguese backdrop by the ocean but the same time a setting that seems more far-fetched. Our chosen outfits were colorful, inspired from the movie Moonrise Kingdom, especially when it came to the accessories (the hat, the vintage bag and the binoculars). We wanted to be part of a photo session that could also reflect our love for traveling and Portugal, a love that we turned into a hobby and eventually a travel blog. Laura and Dragos made us feel at ease and managed to capture sophistication in our usual day-to-day life in Lisbon. Looking at the photos now they ‘seem more real than the reality’. For that we are really grateful to Be Light Photography. We couldn’t have chosen better to turn our imagination into reality.”

Photography: Be Light Photography | Diana’s Outfit: Coat & Pink Dress: United Colors of BenettonStriped Dress: MangoShoes: H&M | Vintage Bag: Flee Market in Lisbon | Edgar’s Outfit: Blazer: ZaraShirt: Massimo DuttiPants & Shoes: El Ganso 

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