Lisa and Colin flew from the US to marry on the beautiful island of Iceland. After a unique proposal (see their story below) Lisa agreed to marry Colin, and the couple decided an intimate elopement was the perfect way for them to celebrate their love. Their special day was captured in Creatrix Photography‘s uniquely atmospheric style which suited the misty weather perfectly.

Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0004 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0005Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0006Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0008 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0001 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0007 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0009 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0010 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0011 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0012 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0013 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0016 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0015 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0023Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0018 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0019 Iceland Elopement by www.creatrixphotography.com_0020

“We met at an ugly sweater party that a mutual friend was hosting (after Christmas because the first party was cancelled due to snow!) We were both wearing ratty ski gear. The moment we locked eyes, there was instant chemistry. We didn’t stop hanging out out until four am the next morning. Our first official date was a week later at a university thai restaurant. Colin asked Lisa to marry him at the conclusion of an Olympic-distance triathlon that they both trained together for three months. His intent for the proposal was to completely surprise Lisa, which is exactly what happened. The triathlon was held in Lake Chelan, Washington. Lisa’s dad has property on the Lake, and the night before the triathlon, Colin asked Lisa’s dad, Bill, for Lisa’s hand in marriage. On the race day, Colin finished about twenty minutes before Lisa. He had a few moments to get a drink of water and connect with Lisa’s dad, who was carrying the ring. When Lisa crossed the finish line, the announcer asked Lisa to report to the race podium, and Colin popped the question. Lisa was a little confused, dehydrated and tired. She didn’t quite realise Colin was asking her to marry him after many years of dating, so Colin had to really pressure her for a response. She eventually said “yes” and the rest is history.”

Photography: Creatrix Photography | Wedding Planner: Pink Iceland | Ceremony: Skogar Church | Reception Venue: Stracta Hotel | Hair Stylist: Harstorfa Hellubio

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