There are so many beautiful wedding venues in Tuscany that the hardest part is always trying to pick just one but for todays beautiful couple, Sarah and Gavin, they only ever had their eyes and hearts set on the southern region of Tuscany where they used to visit and holiday as a couple. They chose to have their Maremma wedding at the fabulous Conti San Bonifacio wine resort and planning from the UK, they enlisted the help of planner extraordinaire, Michaela from 3D Events. The entire fete was a dazzling success.

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From Bride Sarah..

 “We chose to get married in Italy as it has, and will always have, a special place in our hearts. With some Italian roots on the bride’s side we decided to learn the language and lived together in Tuscany for a period of time a few years ago. During this time, we visited the Tuscan Maremma region and fell in love with its untouched beauty. With stunning scenery, vineyards on your doorstep, delicious cuisine and such friendly people, what better place to get married?! “

From Michaela..

” Sarah and Gavin contacted our agency six months before their wedding. From the very first meeting they had clear ideas about what they wanted their wedding to look like. Sarah dreamed of a romantic and rustic themed wedding while Gavin was focused on organisational and logistical challanges. He definitely was the most well-organised groom we have ever met and was involved in every decision and step of wedding planning process.

The location was a beautiful Wine Resort in Maremma in the Southern region of Tuscany that was set in the middle of vineyards and olive groves. What they loved about Conti was the possibility of offering their guests a beautiful experience in Tuscany, a place where they used to spend time relaxing with friends and family.

The wedding planning process went smoothly and finally the big day arrived. Due to uncertain weather, we opted to have the ceremony on the olive grove terrace and the wedding reception inside. Despite initial disappointment, this decision was to be the best. Sarah actually wrote to us to say “We had a fantastic day and our guests thought it was amazing! We actually think that ‘plan B ‘ was better than ‘plan A’! We are so pleased that we decided to have the ceremony on the olive terrace, it was so personal, romantic and a protected area so better for sound. Many of our guests commented on how incredible the ceremony was.. The harpist and violinist during the ceremony were amazing, so romantic.”



Wedding Planner; 3-D EVENTS Event Planning | Photographer; Manuela Kali | Venue; Conti San Bonifacio Wine Resort | Flowers; Fiori E Dintorni | Cake; Pasticceria Asti | Dress; Caroline Castigliano | Bridesmaid Dresses; Ghost |Hair; Frank Giacone | Make Up; Camilla Nesti | DJ; DJ Ricky Bartalucci

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