We are excited this morning to bring you our first love shoot on Fly Away Bride. Meet Júlia and Márcio, they are from Brazil. Earlier this year, they travelled all the way to France and to part document their trip, they decided to engage the services of Ricardo Vieira to capture their happiness in the one of the most romantic cities in the world.

photoshoot in Paris

Márcio and Júlia’s love story started developing a little while before they met each other as Márcio explains. “Júlia used to dance with my sister in the same dance group. My sister had always wanted to go to the Caribbean and asked her dance troupe to see if any of them had any interest in joining her. Júlia loved the idea as she loves to travel and so they decided to take a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. The first time I met Julia was when I dropped her and my sister to the airport”

photoshoot in Paris

“While they were in the Caribbean, I kept getting texts from my sister saying that Júlia wanted to get to know me better. After the trip nothing happened for a while. About a month later, I got a text from Júlia saying that IF she asked me to lunch, would I say yes… I replied Yes. Our story began that day.”

“Since we met, it has always been our plan to make a big trip to Europe. Júlia lived in Brighton and Marseille and really wanted to go back to France to visit and I have never travelled to Europe before. It was Julia’s idea to do a love shoot and so we searched online for a photographer. We found Ricardo and he was a great guy! We arranged to meet him outside our hotel and we went for lunch. We walked around Paris for the day and are so happy with our amazing photos together.”

So what’s next for this lovely couple? ” We moved in together in May this year and a few weeks ago we bought a bigger apartment so we have big re-modeling plans. We plan to move into our new home in May 2012 and who knows, after that maybe we will take our next step.” Wahey! I don’t think we have seen the last of Júlia and Márcio so watch this space! Big thanks to Ricardo Vieira Photography for sharing his lovely images with us!

Check back at 1pm today when we will be bringing you our very last post of 2011. Sigh…

Lindsay and Pamela x

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