Good morning! How is your week going so far? I went to see Bon Iver last night and he was just amazing. I don’t think I slept all night going over the concert in my head! Off to London for the rest of the week so it will be Friday in no time! We are in the Mediterranean today to share Thomas and Camille’s destination wedding in the South of France. Thomas and Camille are a beautiful Swiss couple who chose the Lubéron valley to host their wedding celebrations. Friends and family came from far and wide and I don’t think I’ve seen a little ring bearer as cute as this little guy in a long time…

I told you…. adorable or what?! My little brother (who actually turned 22 yesterday and who actually isn’t so little at 6’5”) used to have a mop of beautiful curly, long blonde hair like Thomas and Camille’s son. My mother still has a locket of his hair saved somewhere!

Sage Commes des Images

A destination wedding by Sage Commes des Images

The very talented Kathryn of Sages Comme des Images had the honor of being Thomas and Camille’s wedding photographer and she shared a few words with us about the happy couple.

“After a nice evening between friends, Camille accepted Thomas friend request on facebook and I’m guessing you can guess how the rest of the story played out. As soon as these two found each other, they fell in love more and more every single day. They were overjoyed to learn that they were expecting their first child. For their wedding day, they choose a lovely place in the Lubéron called “Le Mas Des Songes” where they spent a few days before their wedding looking after the last details of this important event! Margot, the director, was fantastic and left no stone unturned. She was so professional and organised a stress free wedding for Thomas and Camille”

A destination wedding in the south of France by Sages Comme des Images

A destination wedding in the South of France

A destination wedding in France

Destination wedding in France

“Their friends came from far away and enjoyed the gorgeous area and perfect weather for several days. Family and friends carried out the touching ceremony and had crowd gathered laughing and crying! The night was full of surprises with lots of dancing and great moments. The photobooth at the end was a simple canvas background where guests left their messages for the couple. Thomas and Camille had customised bottles of wines for their favours for their friends to serve as a special memory of their day.”

Destination Wedding in the South of France

 Destination Wedding in the South of France

Destination Wedding in the south of France

Destination wedding France

Destination Wedding in the South of France

Thomas’ red socks are so much fun and you can really see both of their characters shine in theses photos. Kathryn described them as being full of passion, like a firework and it’s quite obvious how much love they have for each other. A big congratulations from us here at FAB to you both on your wedding day and a mega big thanks to Kathryn for sharing another one of her beauties with us. This wedding of hers remains one of my favourite weddings blogged over the last year.  You should check out her website and if you are considering the South of France for a destination wedding, how beautiful is Le Mas Des Songes for a venue?!

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