A few weeks ago we found, showcased and fell in love with French wedding dress designer Rime Arokady so we are thrilled today to share another Parisian boho wedding dress atelier, Laure de Sagazan. Our bride yesterday, Cecile, wore a one of a kind Laure de Sagazan and for us, it was love at first sight. Laure designs beautifully detailed tops or jackets for over the dresses, something that is so appealing for colder months – and believe us, it doesn’t sacrifice on style. The complete opposite in fact. If you are a lover of lace, capped sleeves and backless wedding dresses, you are in for a beautiful afternoon.

Backless Wedding Dresses

I had seen the Chaplin dress above floating around pinterest and hadn’t yet learned the designer. The backless lace detailing is a feature of Laure’s designs and are incredibly romantic and I love how low this back goes and the detail of the waist is so elegant.

Boho Wedding Dress_0002

The Ruiz features a slightly higher back but is every bit as stunning and personally I prefer the detail on the front on this one. The short capped lace sleeve and sweetheart neckline is timeless and would flatter many shapes and sizes.

Boho Wedding Dress_0003

My personal favourite has to be the Visconti. The low V neckline is balanced beautifully by the longer cap sleeve. I mostly believe that less is more (I know, sometimes I have to sit on the fence!) and in this case, I wouldn’t dare wear something around my neck. Clear skin lathered in Benefits Bathina Balm will highlight the collarbone and a pair of beautiful drop earrings would really complete the whole look in my opinion. Gosh, I didn’t mean to go all style guru there considering it’s not really my thing, but it’s how I would do it. I want this dress.

Boho Wedding Dress_0004

Doesn’t the Wilder dress above have a real vintage beauty about it? I love the heavy silk fabric and the button detail. Below are a round up of some of my other favourites with a selection of her jackets, tops and headpieces also. I’m so drawn to longer sleeved dresses at the moment. My mother wore a full sleeved wedding dress and I can see it coming back into fashion.

Boho Wedding Dress

There is something about the last dress on the right that screams Roisin! The collection has a little bit for everyone in it and is certainly a good source of inspiration. While I’d say the gowns are made for the boho bride in mind, I can certainly see the Visconti or Ruiz appealing to a classic bride too. What do you think? It’s safe to say that Laure de Sagazan has left me wondering how I will ever be able to choose a wedding dress for myself. Thankfully, it’s not a decision I have to make any time soon.. (wipes sweat from brow)

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  1. Gaelan

    I think these are the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen! Of course I expect nothing less from the French.

  2. Mary

    hi there. Gorgeous post, gorgeous dresses. Did you run across any information about pricing or availability? I’d love any info you might have to share! Thanks!

    • Amy

      Hi Mary, so glad you like these dresses! I have sent the company an email about locations so will drop you a line when they get back to us! x

  3. Rominte

    The most beautiful dresses i’ve ever seen. Love them. Would be interesting to hear about prices as well, this beauty can’t go cheap.

  4. Abby

    I am absolutely in love with Laure Sagazan dresses. I have been looking for dresses in the U.S for about 3 months and I keep comparing everything to these gorgeous gowns. Do you have any information on their availability in the U.S? Of course I would love to travel to paris to buy one ,but that isn’t very practical ;)

    • Amy

      Hi Abby- I contacted Laure in June to see about international suppliers but I’m afraid at the moment the dresses are only sold in the Paris store. Have you thought about asking a dressmaker if they could attempt to make a similar one? That might be an option! The dresses are so beautiful but also relatively simple in design I think (which is part of their appeal!) x

  5. Alannah Bougie

    The dresses are exactly what I’m looking for. Especially the Ruiz. I noticed someone posted about availability in the US in 2013.. I am in Canada. Are there any retailers now in Canada? If so, where are they, and what is the cost of this dress? If not, Could I possibly send my measurements and have a dress shipped to me? Thanks for letting me know.


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