I have to admit.. Halloween isn’t a holiday I get particularly excited about (although I am looking forward to some toffee apples). I enjoy this time of year in general but wedding related or not, I’m usually happy enough to let the date just pass on by. For those of you who are in your element at this time of year and particularly around Halloween, inspiration for a themed wedding is everywhere… not necessarily a good thing as it’s very easy to get carried away with the strong colours and textures that are so heavily associated with the season. If you’re going to go for a Halloween themed wedding, plan your palette and details well. Orange pumpkins on your tables and lining the aisles is overkill. Actually, using orange at all is a bit obvious. Find other ways of introducing elements of the holiday: we love the studded green pumpkins from last year’s post and adore the greyish green ones below, so if you’re going to introduce pumpkins, stay away from the obvious. The same can be said for the palette. I love the reds, pinks and burnt orange hues that autumn so generously brings as much as the next person but again, there are so many other shades of Autumn that are often overlooked. For our Halloween wedding inspiration today we chose a palette of cool purples and black, warmed with metallics and heavy textures.

Halloween 2015 Inspiration

Once Wed | Dolly and Oatmeal | Sarah Ryhanan | Design Sponge | This is Glamorous | Lena KollerBHLDN | Source Unknown | Elie Saab 

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