Summer and Marcos, from the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca, moved to London so Summer could attend the Fashion Retail Academy there. They fell in love with London and decided to go for a photo session as a record both of their love as a couple and their time in the city. Because, as Summer says, “who knows what’s going to happen in the future and where we might end up?” They were both delighted with the team at FORMA Photography who were there to capture these beautiful moments.

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“We attended school together in Mallorca- you could say we were high school sweethearts. We met through a group of mutual friends, who even to this day say that they knew we would always be together. So we guess it was meant to be! We got engaged on Valentine’s Day on our sixth anniversary at a small private dinner which we had invited all of our family from Spain to. It was really nice to have them there when Marco asked me- they were so happy for us. Our wedding plans are to have a small family wedding in an area of London I was brought up in. It will be a very minimalistic, romantic and natural celebration and we’ll have a small intimate ceremony with our loved ones. We might also have a bigger celebration in Spain.


We had an engagement session because we love to have memorable pictures. That way we can always look back at and show our friends and hopefully future family. We also wanted to capture the beautiful parts of London and the romance we felt there. We love London and wanted to have something to look back on. After all, who knows what’s going to happen in the future and where we might end up?


As I am British we chose central London as it is the capital of fashion- a world we are both very involved in. We love the cultural vibe of the city. I am attending the Fashion Retail Academy and that was a big reason to move here in the first place. We love the feel of London and the small details that no one sees in such a big city. It was amazing to capture those moments with Manuela and Martin. We loved their eye for detail and the way they talked to us made us feel at ease.


We would advise anyone traveling to have an engagement photo session to research on Google and plan the parts they want to capture. Be aware that lots of walking might be involved as most places are very far apart- we did quite a bit of walking on our own shoot (though to be honest it was really fun with Manuela and Martin). Couples should also consider their own style and pick spots that most reflect them.”

Photography: FORMA Photography

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