The simplicity of this bridal session is the perfect inspiration for any destination wedding bride. A fresh sea breeze, salty air, beautiful scenery and a few pops of colour are exactly what Portuguese coastal weddings are all about. Keeping things simple when you have such lovely surroundings is really the best choice when it comes to destination weddings! These images by Renée Hollingshead and gowns by Penhalta Sposa are set against the gorgeous backdrop of Villa Sao Paulo on the Cascais coast of Portugal just half an hour from the centre of Lisbon.

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From photographer Renée: “When my friend and I booked a backpacking trip touring southern Europe, we had the brainwave of photographing a styled shoot on the Portuguese coast. I reached out to Claudia of Villa Sao Paulo and she was excited to collaborate with us. She graciously scheduled us to shoot at their property- on arrival we immediately fell in love with the Villa Sao Paulo for its majestic beauty, stunning architecture, and amazing views. Born into his family-owned business, Miguel of Penhalta Sposa has spent an incredible fourteen years in the wedding industry. His collaboration meant we were able to hand select gowns, veils, and accessories from his elegant and classic collections. Juca our hair and makeup artist is so talented and Rafaela (Miss Republica Portuguesa) was the perfect model for the stunning Penhalta gowns. I am so grateful for this opportunity to work with such talent and cannot wait to get back to Portugal again. We had the most fun laughing, shooting, and admiring all the beauty!” 

Photography: Renée Hollingshead Photography | Bridal Gowns & Accessories: Penhalta Sposa | Venue: Villa Sao Paulo | Hair & Makeup: Juca Dutra | Model: Miss Republica Portuguesa Rafaela Pardete

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