Today we’re delighted to introduce Lisa O’Dwyer Photography as the newest of Fly Away Bride’s sponsors. Based in Ireland, Lisa will happily travel internationally to capture your special day. You may have seen Lisa’s work previously on Fly Away Bride including an engagement shoot which she photographed for an American couple in Guinness Store House here. We’re thrilled to have Lisa onboard and because we wanted to get to know her better we had a little Q&A…

Can you tell us a little about your company and what you offer?

I’m Lisa, of Lisa O’Dwyer Photography, an American living in County Kildare with my Irish husband and two young boys. I offer a photography service that is tailored to the individual and reflects the unique story of a couple. I studied Fine Art and Art History at university, and hope to convey a fine-art style in my photography. This style is influenced by fabulous American photographers such as Jose Villa and Elizabeth Messina. Natural light is very important to this style as it gives a soft glow to the subject. In addition to capturing the beauty of weddings, I also love to capture the fun. I’m not all about style…I’m totally about substance. I really enjoy this job!

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

What is your approach to photographing weddings and what is your preferred style?

I follow the main participants on the day and am always on the look-out for pure emotions and capturing the beauty in a fleeting moment. I do a little bit of posing through direction of couples. It’s always fun and natural and is never cheesy. I think people need a little direction to look their very best in their shots as a newly married couple. I’m not a photojournalist just getting snapshots. I see myself as an artist or art director always looking to make my client look their very best and truly convey their joy.

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Ireland

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Ireland

Where are you based and what cities/countries are you available to for work in?

I live in County Kildare, but I travel anywhere. I’ll even travel abroad! I have loads of experience living in countries such as England, Italy, Japan, and the States, and have travelled to many countries. I’d love to photograph a destination wedding for someone abroad.

Do you have any tips for couples on how to get the most from their wedding photography?

Make time to get some photographs outside in the natural light, especially in the golden hour right before sunset. It’s soft, flattering and simply magical. Also, remember this is a once in a lifetime chance to get the type of beautiful photographs you’ve always wanted for your wedding. When you like a photographer’s style, it’s usually a gut instinct so go for it! Don’t skimp on style or money. Also, there is no need to “pose” for a fine-art photographer. Just act your natural beautiful self and enjoy your day. I will direct you into “poses” that are flattering and you won’t even realise you are posing because you are having so much fun!

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Ireland

Do you shoot engagement sessions?

Yes. They are included in my wedding packages (but you always have to option to subtract them because I know some destination couples can’t do them). I think they are great because you get a collection of photos of you in your natural clothes in a location that is different from a wedding venue. You can even bring your kids or pets! Plus it gives you the chance to see how a photographer works and how you will feel being photographed

What advice can you give to couples planning an engagement session?

It’s not about the clothing or place really, it’s about the emotion and story of a couple. How they interact with each other naturally. How they touch each other. How they look at each other. How they smile. Just aim to be yourselves and have fun!

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

Do you have any advice for couples planning a destination wedding?

Ask vendors whose style you like for recommendations. I have a list of recommended vendors on my blog whose style I like. Also when I’m booked, I always give a list of photographers whose style I like and who I trust to do an excellent job. Also, pack light. You don’t want to be encumbered during your wedding holiday by things. You can get everything you need in the country you are travelling to.

Can you tell us a bit more about the person behind the lens, how did you get into photography and what are your influences?

I’ve been interested in the Arts ever since I was a small child. I started studying it formally when I was in High School in Pennsylvania. I really started studying more in depth in University where I was an Art History Major. I learned how to develop black & white film in the darkroom and I used my mom’s old Canon film SLR camera. I really loved the art of printing in the darkroom. I travelled a bit and ended up meeting my Irish husband from County Clare when I was living in Japan. We moved to Ireland together and I’ve been here since. I started the business as a way to practise Art and be creative, while also raising my children. I concentrated on weddings because I was so disappointed in myself for my own wedding photography. I thought my friends and family could take nice pictures if I let them use my nice camera. This DOESN’T work. All I have of our wedding day are simple snapshots. They are not art. They don’t convey a magical quality that professional fine-art photographers can create.
Lisa O'Dwyer Photography
Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Ireland

Have you got any exciting plans that you’d like to tell us about?

I always have plans, but having two kids under 5 is a full job too. Most of those plans just have to be put aside while I enjoy this precious time in my family’s life. I’m only able to take on a limited amount of weddings per year because of family commitments, but the ones that I do are very special. I especially love destination weddings and would love to make up a special photography package just for you! Also, I do colloborate with Pearl & Godiva every once in a while and this is so much fun! Pearl has a magical way of putting shoots together and I enjoy colloborating with her and other art-loving vendors. I love being an artist and being around artistic types of people.

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Ireland

Would you like to include a Special Reader Offer?

Sure! I’d love to offer Fly Away Bride readers a complimentary Loktah portfolio of three 8x10in images from our shoot printed on fine-art giclee paper. A perfect momento of your destination wedding!

Thanks Lisa for your very generous reader offer, it was a pleasure chatting with you. Make sure to check out Lisa’s website where you can see more of her FAB work!

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