We are looking forward today to introducing our lovely readers to the excellent Lexi DeRock, an absolutely fabulous Paris wedding beauty stylist. Lexi looked after both our models at our styled photo shoots in Paris a few weeks ago and we were pretty impressed with her talents! I will turn you over to Lexi now to fill us in about herself and her many (many!) skills:

Can you tell us a little about yourself and the services you offer?

I’ve been in the hair and makeup business for over ten years now doing everything from theatre to special effects to high fashion, but over the last few years I have narrowed down my field to just include the kinds of hair and makeup I love doing best which are vintage hair and makeup and special occassion or bridal… though I still do the occassional photo shoot or music video to keep things interesting.

Paris Wedding Beauty Stylist

Where are you based and what cities/countries are you available to work in?

I am based in Paris, France and I work largely here, but I have traveled all over France and occasionally as far as Italy, Belgium, Germany and Australia where I like to go in the winter to get away from the cold.

What advice would you give to brides on the lead up to their wedding so that their skin and hair is in top condition for their wedding day?

I would say just take extra care to pamper yourself.  If you want to get a facial or any sort of treatment do it a month or so in advance to give your skin time to normalise and take the time to think about the weather for where you are going to be and if it’s drastically differerent.  Hydrate well, especially if you are going to be flying to a destination as the cabin dries out your skin.  As for hair I say don’t make any big changes close to the date ie, no new colorist or chopping those bangs you think you might want.  Remember that you are going to have those pics forever so you want to still look like yourself, just the best possible version of yourself.

Paris Wedding Beauty Stylist

Do you have any advice for brides in relation to hair and make-up trials in advance of their wedding day?

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.  And pictures really are worth a thousand words.  Put together a pinterest board or a file of photos to give a really good idea of what you are after.  Pics of what you DO NOT want can be just as helpful in conveying your ideas as pics of what you do.  And remember that it is a trial, it’s your time to change things up and play around, don’t lock yourself into an idea, but be open to the suggestions your stylist makes, they might have a great idea you didn’t think of.

What are the unique challenges when it comes to hair and/or make-up for a destination wedding and what advice can you give to overcome these challenges?

Just remember when you are planning a destination wedding that you will be flying and possibly throwing off your body clock which can leave you dehydrated and with bags under your eyes so try and plan to get to your destination at least a couple days before if possible so you don’t look and feel tired on the day.  And check the weather where you are going.  Is it humid?  Do they have radiator heating?  Try and find out as much about the climate as possible so you can adjust your products to best suit the change.

Paris Wedding Beauty Stylist

Can you tell us a bit more about the person behind the business, how did you come to work in the beauty industry?

I got my start in the theatre about 15 years ago and started professionally to work in the industry about 10 years ago now.  I have always loved fashion and beauty especially vintage style so those are some of my favorite bridal looks, ones with a vintage flair.  But really, I love doing updo’s and formal makeup, it’s just so fun to make people feel beautiful on a special day they’ll always remember.  Fun to be a part of that memory.

You have a book out- would you like to tell us about that?

Absolutely!  My book is called Decades Of Style and it is a step by step hair and makeup guide to 16 of the most popular looks from the 60’s and 70’s with tons and tons of full color pics and detailed instructions on recreating the vintage styles using modern techniques, so there won’t be any sleeping in rollers.
The book also has lots of basic tips on the kinds of makeup and hair tools you should have in your kit, makeup basics and section on more specific things like curling your hair with a flat iron, how to apply a bronzed look, and how to apply false lashes to yourself in foolproof detail.  The book is available on Amazon and from the publishers website.

Decades of Style by Lexi DeRock Paris Wedding Beauty Stylist

Have you got any other exciting plans or news that you’d like to tell us about?

I am currently working on a series of pinup shoots as well as launching a new blog on vintage lifestyle called Voluptuous Vintage Vixen, focusing on plus size gals, with sections on vintage bridal tips and looks, music, DIY and Etsy suggestions as well as a daily and weekly vintage vixen contest.  It’s tons of fun and I hope informative!

Paris Wedding Beauty Stylist

I for one can’t wait to check Lexi’s blog and book, Decades of Style! Thanks so much Lexi for your amazing work on our models, and styling advice on the photo shoots too. Look forward to working with you next time we’re in Paris!

Photos via Lexi DeRock‘s portfolio.

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