Well ladies, are you trying to sort out what your groom is going to wear on his big day? We may just have a solution for you today! I know my own groom is struggling with what to wear on his wedding day at the moment (ok, “struggling” might be too strong a word.. it’s still a full 4 months away so I reckon he still thinks he has ages!) but one great idea is to hire a suit. It usually works out the less costly option, plus they get to wear a pretty high-end suit to boot. We worked with formal suit hire company Les Deux Oursons in Paris earlier this year and can testify first hand that they are really excellent. Attention to detail is their forté and… well, just beautiful suits really! If you’re having a destination wedding in France we recommend them highly. We’ll turn you over to Alex to fill you in on a bit more about their company, with images of the suits they have available.

Can you tell us a little about your company, what you offer and where you’re based?

We are based in Paris (near the Eiffel Tower) and we specialise in suit rental for men.

Can grooms arrange a private appointment to visit your company and try your suits before they book?

Everybody is welcome! There is no need to arrange an appointment to come into our store and rent a suit.

Formal Suit Hire Paris

Do you also dress groomsmen and other members of the wedding party?

Yes we do- actually we even rent accessories for women (hats, small coats, etc.)

How far in advance would you recommend grooms reserve their suit with you?

It depends, but for the spring and summer seasons, we advise our clients to come as soon as they possibly can.

Formal Suit Hire Paris

Do you have advice for grooms who are wearing your suits to their wedding?

The only advice is “you must be comfortable in your suit”! D-day is crucial and you need to look elegant of course but also be able to enjoy the day and be comfortable.

Can you tell us a bit more about the people behind the business?

We are a small team of about twelve people with a lot of experience between us. We have a spacious store and our own on-site workshop.

Formal Suit Hire Paris

Do you have any exciting plans that you’d like to tell us about?

We love the fact that a lot of people around the world come to visit us- it really broadens our experience. We listen to their wishes and learn so much from them about new trends. We want them to be satisfied so we’re always looking for ways to improve our service. That is why we’ve developed the service of creating personalized accessories in our on-site workshop.

Formal Suit Hire Paris

What do you think- handsome right? Be sure to check out the Les Deux Oursons website for more groom gorgeousness!


5 Responses

  1. Michelle Lowrie

    Good evening,
    I am looking for advice for my husband and brother. We have appointments in Epernay/Reims and they need to wear a jacket. Because we are travelling for a long period it is not possible for us to pack a jacket for one day of meetings.
    Do you hire/rent jackets?
    Thanking you in advance for your advice.

    Best regards
    Western Australia

    • Amy

      Hi Michelle, I imagine that Les Deux Oursons would hire suit jackets if that’s what you mean. Perhaps if you contact them to enquire through their contact page: http://www.lesdeuxoursons.com/contact, I know they speak excellent English so should be able to answer your questions! If you have no luck though be sure and let us know. x

  2. Cindi

    My partner and I are eloping on Monday Dec 8th 2014 and wish to hire a suit for the day.
    He’d like a black 3 piece suit – 3 button jacket, 5 button vest and flat front trouser
    waist 97 cm
    chest 98 cm
    hips 100 cm
    shoulder 51cm
    inside leg 76 cm


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