Anna and Christian married last March in a beautiful winter wedding in the Lapland area of northern Sweden. From Stockholm, the couple flew north along with husband and wife photography team Jacek Siwko to capture their big day. From the drama of the snowscape portraits to the bride and groom’s cozy earmuffs, we love everything about this Lapland winter wedding.

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Anna and Christian’s paths crossed in 2012 on a dating app (Badoo). They had been talking for few weeks and finally Christian got the courage to ask Anna out on a real date. It didn’t take many dates before they understood  that it was something really special, something they had waited a long time for… it was simply LOVE! Their relationship was strong from the beginning, which was good since Anna had to move from Sweden to the USA for work. Halfway through the long time apart the couple made a trip to Anna’s relations in Nicaragua to celebrate Christmas and New Year. It turned out that it was not the only thing that would be celebrated on the trip. Christian had smuggled a ring over and surprised Anna with a proposal of marriage on Christmas Day. He tried to ask the question in the early dawn, but it didn’t go as planned.. it turned out to be more fitting when Anna got a little more and some breakfast! But after all the answer was yes and the rest is history.


The couple now lives in Stockholm but Anna (who has lived literally around the world) lived as well in northern Sweden when she was in her teens. They both love to travel, all of their friends love to travel and so our couple decided to make it into a fun journey for everyone. They decided to celebrate in northern Sweden (South Lapland) with a real “Winter Wonderland” Wedding. The place is called Saxnäs and is surrounded by water and mountains. Their portraits were taken on a frozen lake next to the venue near a tiny island called “Japan” by the locals.


The theme and colors of the wedding were: white, silver and crystal and the whole experience was imbued with elegance! Anna has planned the wedding partially during her stay in the USA where she bought her Vera Wang dress and shoes from Uggs Bridal Collection. It was a very personal wedding day. The couple wanted the day to reflect them and to be able to give guests a great experience, striking scenery, good food and a fun party.

Photography: Jacek Siwko | Venue: Saxnäsgården | Bride’s Dress: WHITE by Vera Wang | Bride’s Shoes: UGGs Australia “Bailey Button- I Do!” | Earrings: Self-designed & made by Wolf Diamond | Underwear: Hanky Panky | Groom’s Smoking Jacket: Rented | Groom’s Shoes: Indoor: Rented; Outdoor: Oscaria | Wedding Rings: Couple’s engagement rings were melted down and made thicker | Table Decor: Silver-colored cones and twigs, broken glass and table runners of wallpaper: DIY | Wedding Stationery: DIY with wallpaper | Flowers: Mother of the Groom | Music: Lars-Jonas Johansson Band: Over and Out (from Umeå)

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