Getting to know different photographers, suppliers and couples from around the world is a really nice way of keeping occupied, that’s for sure. Adding to this, the other thing on my “really nice” list today is being able to get to know all the amazing suppliers that live locally. For a long time I’ve known that there is such inspiring talent in this country but only admired them from afar. Now, because of FAB, I’m gradually getting to know them better and last week, I had the pleasure of exchanging multiple emails with the lovely Lisa ODwyer. Originally from Pennsylvania and now living in Kildare, Lisa is a hugely gifted photographer and it’s with great excitement that today she makes her second FAB appearance with the engagement session of a lovely American couple Lacey and Chris, at the Guinness Store House in Dublin.

Engagement Session in Dublin

Engagement Session in Dublin

Engagement Session in Dublin

Engagement Session in DublinLacey and Chris came all the way from sunny Florida to both celebrate their engagement and get married! Being big Guinness lovers, Lisa suggested the Guinness Store House at St. James Gate for their engagement session. With 7 floors surrounding the glass atrium (shaped in the same form as a pint of the black stuff no less!), they were spoiled for great photo opportunities and by the time you scroll to the end, I’m sure you will all agree!

I love that Lacey and Chris really did it their own way. They came to Ireland on a bus tour and took one free day for engagement pictures and the other to get married and have the wedding they really wanted with close family and friends. So, how did they get engaged? Lacey reveals ” Chris and I have been together for almost six years.We started dating when I was 17 and he was 19 and we were close friends before we got together. We got engaged last year when we went on a tip to Charleston, South Carolina. We were walking through a tea plantation and there was this beautiful pavilion near a little pond and it was so private and romantic. He told me to sit down and that he was going to take my picture. So he took the picture and then came over to show it to me and I was still sitting on the bench and he knelt down to show me the picture and then looked up and asked if I would marry him. It was so special and sweet and the location was absolutely beautiful”

For those of you that didn’t know already, Guinness is made up of hops, water, brewer’s yeast and barley… some of which is roasted. The roasted barley is what gives the Guinness its dark colour and it’s characteristic taste! Oh, and it’s “Good For You”

Don’t they look so relaxed? One huge advantage of having shots taken in such a cool environment like the Storehouse? There is so much to be distracted by that you nearly forget you are being photographed. Needless to say, it always helps having a photographer like Lisa with such an artistic eye behind the lens.

As I mentioned earlier, both Lacey and Chris are Guinness fans so it’s no surprise that Chris was up for learning how to “Pour the Perfect Pint”. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that there were six steps to pouring the perfect pint but it looks like Chris got the hang of it quite quickly. He even got himself a certificate! Nice work Chris! Lacey looks pretty impressed with his super effort also.

Such a gorgeous shoot in one of my favorite locations in Dublin. If Ireland is on your list as a possible wedding destination and you like what you just saw here, take a look at this post we did earlier in the year of the Guinness Store House. You might have found your perfect venue. I’ve been here a few times, adore the place and with 7 different function rooms and the option of renting out a whole floor or even the entire building, it easily caters for all group sizes. It’s a historic piece of Dublin so guests travelling with you will really appreciate some good sight-seeing thrown in. Lacey and Chris would certainly inspire a wedding here, that’s for sure.

Huge congratulations to Lacey and Chris for letting us share their story with you. They got married on a day they had off from their bus tour in Kildare with all of their close family in attendance. Thank you to Lisa O’Dwyer for the FABulous photography, be sure to check out her website here.

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  1. Lisa O'Dwyer

    Thanks! What a cute couple! I really had a great time with Lacey and Chris and thanks for featuring their Guinness engagement shoot.


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