Originally I had thought of looking at Faeries for today’s post… I used to have a Faerie book which was not the pretty-fairy-type book that might be usual for little girls to have. I loved this book but it also scared me, I was convinced after reading about Changelings that faeries were going to come during the night, steal my little brother while he was sleeping, and replace him with a little ugly changeling being. Seriously I used to lie awake worrying that this was going to happen. (He was cherubic, blonde and cute back then- actually, maybe they did take him…) Anyway this is sort of what happens in the film “Labyrinth”- Sarah (played by a young Jennifer Connelly) has to get her little brother back who has been stolen by the Goblin King- David Bowie. So that got me thinking about the ballroom scene from the film: a masquerade wedding theme is a much better starting point for wedding inspiration!

Labyrinth Ball ✈ Masquerade Wedding Theme Labyrinth Ball ✈ Masquerade Wedding Theme Labyrinth Ball ✈ Masquerade Wedding Theme

Craftster (image 1 and 2) | MK Photography via Style Me Pretty | ArcanaDea

Labyrinth Ball ✈ Masquerade Wedding ThemeLabyrinth Ball ✈ Masquerade Wedding Theme

Dreams and Weddings | Anya’s GardenAndrew Polito Photography via Style Me Pretty |  Ylang23

The masquerade ball in Labyrinth is a gorgeous explosion of decadent and elaborate costumes. There are so many sources of inspiration: Sarah’s princess-style ball gown, costume jewelry, silver leaf hair decorations, the feather boas, candelabras, hanging pearl strings, fans and masks. The Goblin King first appears as a barn owl in the film, hence the cufflinks below.

Labyrinth Ball ✈ Masquerade Wedding ThemeLabyrinth Ball ✈ Masquerade Wedding ThemeLabyrinth Ball ✈ Masquerade Wedding Theme

Craft Salad | Fifties Wedding | M K Photography via Style Me Pretty (chandelier & dress) | Enchanted Squirrel on Etsy

David Bowie wears an elaborate cravat and blue velvet jacket covered in jewels- good luck getting your groom to wear one like it, or for that matter to sport a spiky 80s mullet with blue streaks.. He somehow manages to pull it off though! The cards below I found at a brilliant online shop, Society 6. They seem to have every type of design you could look for as they showcase a number of different artists’ designs:

Labyrinth Ball ✈ Masquerade Wedding ThemeLabyrinth Ball ✈ Masquerade Wedding ThemeViainaTerry Fan all on Society 6 |  Tweaktown

*Nerd Alert* The Faerie book I used to have was comprised of illustrations by Brian Froud and Alan Lee. I came across Brian Froud’s name again when I was looking up Labyrinth as he collaborated with Jim Henson on the film. The little boy Toby who the Goblin King steals in the film is actually Toby Froud- Brian’s son! That is probably much more amazing to me than to anyone else on the planet but I have added it, just in case. Have you seen Labyrinth? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Alyssa

    I’m actually trying to plan my wedding currently and I’d really love it to be Labyrinth themed! We haven’t set a date yet, so I’ve got time on my side. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who’s had this idea! Labyrinth is my all-time favorite movie and holds a lot of sentimental value to me. You’ve given me some fantastic ideas here! Thank you so much for sharing :D

  2. Nathalie (Arcana Dea Design)

    I just found this article today when I was checking my Etsy traffic… thank you so much for including my enchanted bubble necklace in your article! Labyrinth is still one of my all-time favourite movies, and I love the idea of using the masquerade ball scene as a theme for a wedding — what a great idea! Feeling the need to go watch the movie again… :-)

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  4. Amber Davis

    i love this movie just wish i could find the ball gown from the movie

  5. Athena

    This post just made my day! I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a little girl and first watched the movie. I mean what girl doesn’t want to spin around a fancy ballroom in a princess dress?! I will probably do a more subtle modern version with less creepy masks ( if I can get my fiancé to be on board). The song we have already decided will be our first dance is “As the World Falls Down” which is the song David Bowie sings during this scene so it only makes sense to add the rest.

    • Amy

      So glad to hear you liked it Athena! (What a fabulous name you have btw, love it!) Great choice of first dance song too, I love the soundtrack to this film SO much. Thanks for your feedback, would absolutely love to hear how your Labyrinth-inspired wedding goes! x

  6. Tracy Earney

    I absolutely Love this movie sooo much that I am having my wedding Labyrinth themed! I am getting Married May, 10, 2014. I was searching for some ideas and pictures of things for it and ran across this page. Great job with it!

    • Amy

      Great to hear you found us Tracy. Good luck with your wedding, we’d love to have a peek at how it turns out if you’re up for that, so keep in touch! x

  7. Taylor Leigh

    I’m convinced this post was destined for me to read!

    Labyrinth has been my favorite movie since I was a child, and I even went to my prom in an elegant white dress with ribbons and golden-leaf wires accenting my hair like hers.

    As of last week, I’m engaged and this post hits home for me! While my guests probably won’t want to show up in masquerade attire, I could definitely use this theme as a starting point! (I’m also a fan of puppetry and since this is a Jim Henson film, there’s no way I can resist adding that element in somewhere!)

    Such great ideas here!!

  8. Paula

    I love labyrinth and have always longed for a labyrinth themed wedding. It is amazing and this got me a little bit excited about it all!! Thank you!!! :)


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