Regular readers will be aware of my eternal love for both Paolo Sebastian and Elie Saab and rarely do any other gowns come close for me but recently, I’ve been eyeing up todays designer with great interest and wasn’t surprised to learn that Krikor Jabotian worked in Elie Saabs creative department. His past few collections of gowns are a mixture of incredibly structured, modern silhouettes and the those beautifully delicate, billowing gowns adorned with precious embellishments. There’s much to admire with jaw dropping dramatic hemlines and heavy fabrics but of course, it’s the detail that I’m in love with. The hours of embroidery and delicate beading.. just divine. This Friday I’ve pulled a few of my favourite looks from his past three collections and I for one will be keeping a close eye on what this talented design house come up with next.

Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0001 Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0002Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0003 Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0004 Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0005Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0006 Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0007 Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0008Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0009 Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0010 Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0011Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0012 Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0013 Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0014 Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0016Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0017Haute Couture www.krikorjabotian.com_0015

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