I’m really thrilled to introduce Konrad from Konfral Photography as the newest of Fly Away Bride’s sponsors. Based in London, Konrad travels all over the UK and internationally to capture beautiful images of couples on their very special day. Originally from Poland Konrad is used to shooting in all weather extremes perfect for destination weddings…

Can you tell us a little about yourself, your company and what you offer?

Hi! My name is Konrad a.k.a “Konfral” and I’m a London based lifestyle, portrait and wedding photographer. I do most of my work on location rather than in studio. I love working outdoors, especially in the evenings when all the city lights come to life.

Konfral Photography

What is your approach to photographing weddings and what is your preferred style?

I always aim to tell the story of a wedding day from start to finish, which is why I almost exclusively take “full day coverage” assignments. I would describe my style as contemporary, relaxed and with a cinematic touch. I love capturing unstaged moments, genuine emotions, and beautiful details. I try to blend into the background on the wedding day itself, and document the story as it unfolds, but I’ll give you lots of creative ideas and some posing direction on the pre-wedding session. I love bridal portraiture, which probably comes across quite strongly in my portfolio.

Konfral Photography

Where are you based and what cities/countries are you available to for work in?

I am based in London, but prepared to travel almost anywhere for a good photo opportunity. So far, I’m booked to shoot in Paris and Prague this Summer and also do some work back in my “old country” – Poland.

Do you have any tips for couples on how to get the most from their wedding photography?

Make sure you choose someone you’re comfortable with, and on the day just be yourself, that way you will look natural and happy on your photos. Also, if you’re booking a visually stunning venue, reserve some time on the day to shoot some portraits around it. If there are grounds, or lake around, than escaping for half an hour just before sunset might also be a good idea. A good photographer will suggest and help you plan these things.

Do you shoot engagement sessions?

Of course! In fact, I include them in my service as a standard. An engagement session is the best opportunity for the couple to get relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, and to build a rapport
with the photographer. It is also a ton of fun. I usually encourage my clients to make it the date they always dreamed about, but never actually had. I also shoot the “trash/rock/cherish the dress” sessions. Basically, you name it, and I’ll be there to photograph it.

What advice can you give to couples planning an engagement session?

Don’t dismiss any idea as “too crazy”. This is THE one opportunity to have fun and get some really cool pictures taken professionally. Also, make sure to mention your hobby or passion. Whether you dance, ride horses, sky dive or love movies, we can incorporate that into the shoot. One extra tip I can share: if you’re having your hair and makeup done for the wedding, you can combine the day of the engagement shoot with the makeup trial. This way you kill two bids with one stone.

Do you have any advice for couples planning a destination wedding in Poland?

Poland is a great destination for weddings. You will find pretty much every type of venue you can dream of, from Teutonic Knights’ castles to five stars modern hotels, weather is decent from April to September, and winters are usually white and frosty, if you fancy a snowy wedding adventure. Needless to say, I’m your guy to photograph all that.

Can you tell us a bit more about the person behind the lens, how did you get into photography and what are your influences?

I might have already mentioned that I’m originally Polish, I moved to the UK about 5 years ago. Although I’m a techie by profession, ( currently looking after datacentre infrastructure at one of the London’s big universities) my true passion has always been for photography. I picked up my first film camera when I was 10 and it has stayed with me ever since. Other than that… I love to travel. I now have a 3 months old son, who is already showing some interest in photography – currently as a critic of my work – “geee…” is a sign of approval, while “giuuuu…” means I need to work harder on that shot.

Have you got any exciting plans that you’d like to tell us about?

I’ve got a few exciting shoots lined up this Summer, so stop by www.konfral.com every now and again to see the outcomes. I also look forward to this year’s wedding season!

Would you like to include a Special Reader Offer?

Yes! I am offering a free GraphiStudio photobook worth 300 GBP or a free “trash/rock/cherish the dress” session within a 100 miles radius from London W3 to all the fabulous readers of FlyAwayBride, who decide to book me for their wedding and place the booking by the end of June 2011. This comes on top of the pre-wedding/engagement shoot which is included in my package. If you’re further away, but would still like the extra shoot over the book, I won’t charge you for the service, but the travel costs and expenses may be charged as appropriate. Just mention “FlyAwayBride” when you book my services.

Thanks Konrad! It’s a pleasure chatting with you!

The pleasure is all mine. See you all at www.konfral.com

Make sure to check out Konrad’s website where you can see more of his work and some adorable shots of his baby boy!

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