I am thrilled to be sharing this traditional Thai wedding ceremony with you courtesy of award winning photographer Christina Brosnan of Brosnan Photographic.

“Kanya and Stephen met in Oxford. Kanya is from Bangkok and Stephen is from Meath. They had a long distance relationship for a couple years while she lived in Washington DC and he was in Puerto Rico. They decided to marry in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Spa in Bangkok.”

Thai Wedding

“They had a traditional Thai wedding with two ceremonies. The first ceremony was the official engagement ceremony and there were many exchanging of gifts. Guests sat and watched while being served refreshments.”

“Before the second ceremony guests were served with a light snack. The second ceremony was the official water pouring wedding ceremony and all the guests were encouraged to join in. Each guest would pour water over the couples hands and say a small blessing to the couple.”

“During the ceremonies the bride and groom wear traditional Thai wedding attire and then they changed into traditional western style wedding attire.”

“The reception was held outside along the river. During their buffet style dinner the bride and groom took photos with every guest while guests enjoyed traditional Thai food and entertainment.”

“Before the couple are allowed to marry they must see a fortune teller which decides when they can marry. Another tradition is that the wedding colours are chosen because those are the brides colours. Everyone gets a colour when they are born kind of like a star sign and all the wedding guests are meant to wear those colours during the ceremony.”

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  1. flyawaybride

    Thank you so much for sharing Christina, the photos are beautiful; amazing colours, beautiful setting, stunning bride and groom or course and local traditions! What more could you ask for from a destination wedding. Love it!


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