At the moment I’m trying to decide what to do with my hair at my wedding. Veil? Headpiece? Hair comb? Keep it simple? I tried on a veil with my dress but I don’t think it suits- although I’m not sure if this was because I had never tried on a veil before and just wasn’t used to seeing myself in one (but maybe I should give it a chance, wear it for a few days- live in it… ahem) or if it was because it really didn’t suit my dress. A good friend suggested trying a juliet cap, which I had only vaguely heard of. The more I looked into them though the more I liked them. Juliet caps have been around for ages- the name originated after the character in Shakespeare’s play. I’m not sure quite how the association began but one reason suggested is that Juliet may have been portrayed as wearing one in early productions of the play, which would make sense. Juliet caps periodically drift in and out of fashion, last time they were “in” was around the 1920s- hence the recent revival when flapper fashion came back around. Since my dress is art deco-ish, a juliet cap might suit it perfectly. Here are a few really pretty ones I found!

Friday's FAB 5 ✈ Juliet Caps Friday's FAB 5 ✈ Juliet Caps Friday's FAB 5 ✈ Juliet CapsFriday's FAB 5 ✈ Juliet Caps

Serephine | BHLDN | Doloris Petunia | Emily Riggs Bridal | Twigs and Honey | Gilded ShadowsTwigs and Honey via Elizabeth Messina on Style Me Pretty

As you can see, they can be combined with a veil in way that’s less in-your-face (eh, literally!) than a normal frontal veil. I think I’m falling for this look. What do you think, would you wear a juliet cap at your wedding?

Friday’s FAB 5

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Our recap on the last few days here starts off with pretty and soft lavender wedding inspiration, after which we obsess over the fabulous Jenny Packham gown worn by the bride at this wedding in Cyprus. Wednesday we brought you 18 tasty destination wedding cocktails– I still can’t decide which is my favorite. Finally yesterday we saw a city chic elopement to Paris. As always thanks for stopping by, and have a FAB weekend!

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