So today we’re taking a look my favorite bridal designer of all time. I have been looking at Jenny Packham dresses pretty much daily for almost a year now and never tire of her elegant and sophisticated designs. We’ll talk more about the influences and individual gowns of this collection below but first, without further ado, here are her SS2014 gowns!

Jenny Packham 2014Rose

Jenny Packham 2014Molly | Summer

Jenny Packham 2014Tilly

Jenny Packham 2014Utopia | Claudia

Jenny Packham 2014Kitty

Jenny Packham 2014 Carine | Jean

Jenny Packham 2014Florence

Jenny Packham 2014Audrey | Minnie

Instantly recognisable as usual, the Jenny Packham 2014 designs look back to her 2012 collection more than they relate to this year’s. We can see her trademark 1920s glamour in the Molly and Summer gowns, lots of chiffon being used again, and a return to Jenny Packham-esque embellished prettiness in the Rose and Florence gowns- my personal favorites. There are a few surprises in this collection: there seems to be a Regency period style influence in the neckline of the Utopia dress and the empire waist of the Claudia gown. Another thing to note is the introduction of a few full skirted dresses like the Audrey and Minnie above, which we haven’t come across in any of her  ranges before. We’ll have more fashion news before the week is done so make sure you check back in! x

Images: Jenny Packham Press Preview

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