Can you believe I’ve never been in Paris?! No really! I’m there every single day through beautiful photographs and if you dropped me outside the Eiffel Tower I know the first 20 places I’d want to visit but probably never see because of all the other amazing places I’d find along the way… but yeah, I’ve never been. So needless to say, every time I open up a Parisian engagement shoot or wedding, I get this strange meshed feeling of despair and jealousy all at once but nearly as soon as i get it, it is replaced by an absolute genuine happiness for the couple staring back at me from my computer. They are doing their thing, their way and in Paris and I really am elated for them. Jenelle and Paul are one such couple and there to catch them doing it their way on camera was Juliane Berry – a destination wedding photographer based between LA and Paris. So much fun.

Juliane Berry, Paul and Jenelle’s Photographer filled us in on their engagement.

“Paul contacted me to set up an engagement session while he and his girlfriend, Jenelle, would be vacationing in Paris. He planned on proposing to Jenelle and then surprising her with an engagement session. Paul proposed to Jenelle in front of the Eiffel Tower just 2 days before this photo shoot. Adding even more romance to the proposal, he had the coordinates of the Eiffel Tower engraved into Jenelle’s engagement ring.” – Such a lovely idea

From Jenelle….
“Paul and I started out as friends. But I was in love with him the entire time…
Then one day something just changed and we fell madly in love. More and more every day. Paul is super romantic. He won’t stand for anything average. I think that our scenario is every girl’s dream, so what better way? It was truly a magical experience. He tells me all the time that everything he does is to see me smile.”

Ahh.. the Pont des Arts, first on my list. If you are thinking of Paris, check out our guide, it will help you get started. For more loveliness, check out Juliane Berry and her beautiful blog and lucky for some, not only is she based out of both Los Angeles and Paris, she travels for destination weddings too!

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