Lauren and Gino travelled from Pennsylvania in the US to marry in Tuscany last September, choosing Italy as a nod to Gino’s heritage and family traditions. The couple met in law school, where they ending up taking the bar exam at the same time. Their inter-faith ceremony was held at at Villa Mangiacane, a picturesque private 15th century villa where Machiavelli famously wrote “The Prince.”  Lauren and Gino found a way to incorporate their personalities and taste into the style of the day, pairing vintage details along with Victorian/Dutch elements. The wedding was planned by Italia Celebrations and captured by Magnus Boguki, and the couple couldn’t have been more delighted with how it all turned out!

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“We searched far and wide for the perfect wedding venue, viewing a wide array of beautiful locations, but something just seemed to be missing at each one. It was not until my mother suggested in passing that we look into having a destination wedding in Italy, that we began to dig deeper and think about exactly what we were looking for in our wedding. We wanted an intimate experience to share with our closest friends and relatives, with an emphasis on the love and relationships that are the building blocks of life and happiness. We wanted a place that meant something to both of our families, and us, and to have a wedding that would instill lifelong memories that each and every guest could take home with them.


We drew inspiration from Gino’s Italian heritage and his family’s longstanding traditions and values that are so dear to him.  Although I am not Italian, I had studied abroad in Florence and fell in love with the city and the Italian way of life. Gino’s family loves to spend as much time as possible with one another, talking, laughing, and growing closer. My family enjoys traveling, seeing new and unique sites, and drinking fine wine. With this in mind, we felt that Italy would be a perfect place to have our wedding, but logistically it seemed a daunting task to plan.  That was until we located Brenda Babcock from Italia Celebrations online who carefully assessed our goals and suggested venues based on the information we gave her. She then met us in Italy and spent three days touring us around Tuscany to evaluate each venue. The moment we laid our eyes on Villa Mangiacane we knew we had found the perfect venue for our wedding!


From there, everything went incredibly smooth thanks to Brenda.  Influenced by my background in art, design, and fashion, for the flowers and décor, I drew inspiration from Dutch still-life paintings by incorporating colorful flowers with blue and white delftware into the décor.  Working with both a lot of colors and patterns can be a risky endeavor, but the overall décor turned out more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Antique vases and unique striped roses to replicate the flowers and vases in the inspiration photos I sent were sourced. Brenda had contacts and sources to solve any challenge that our wedding proposed, from the complications arising from having an inter-faith marriage outdoors, to finding and booking an entire farmhouse that perfectly accommodated the overflow of guests that attended our wedding. It’s rare to be able to have the utmost trust in another person, but she exhibited the upmost sensitivity to our needs as well as making sure that we were totally enjoying ourselves. Brenda really helped make our wedding the most remarkable experience, not only for us, but also for each of the 72 people that attended.”

Photography: Magnus Boguki | Wedding Planner: Italia Celebrations | Venue: Villa Mangiacane | Videographer: Bella Roma | Wedding Dress: Elizabeth Johns | Bride’s Shoes: Angela Nuran | Bride’s Jewellery: Maria Elena | Headpiece: Noosheens | Veil: Monvieve | Makeup Artist & Decor Rental: Italia Celebrations

13 Responses

  1. Tamika | Bajan Wed

    So flawless- I love that the planner drew inspiration from her artistic background to create this dreamy vision! The bride’s dress and her chic updo are also very stunning!

  2. Brenda

    It was an honor planning this wedding at such an historic Renaissance villa. And the couple could not have been lovelier. The bride had specific tastes which did not involve the latest trends in decoration, details and it was a fun challenge to live up to her vision and to bring this to life. “Tanti auguri” (best wishes) for a happy lifetime together Lauren and Gino.

  3. Elena McGill

    This is gorgeous! Such a unique vision and so elegantly executed. Simply stunning!

  4. Katherine

    I love, love, love the location. The fact that the planner was able to recommend this villa and pull the theme together the way she did….this is a beautiful wedding. I’m happy for the couple.

  5. Akilah Serna

    This was a beautiful wedding, very elegant. The centerpieces may be inspiration for my own vow renewal – hopefully in a place as breathtaking as this location.

  6. Ebony Gresham

    What a wonderfully exquisite wedding. The modern photos contrast beautifully against classic Italy. I imagine the day was picture perfect for the couple.

  7. Alicia Lee

    This wedding is classic and elegant. What a beautiful wedding party . . . The photography captures the majesty of this location. I love it.

  8. Valentina

    This is amazing! Incredibly romantic and so elegant. Wonderful pictures.

  9. Patrizia

    Beautiful details! The location is perfect for such an elegant wedding.

  10. Valentina

    What a beautiful and stunning wedding!
    The venue and any detail are so romantic.


    It was a true pleasure working with Brenda Babcock to provide floral display for such a sweet couple in an incredibly gorgeous venue. We had such a great fun sourcing out the props for this wedding, some were purchased from flea market in Tehran. Best wishes for long and happy life together. Noosheen – Floral Designer


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