Today is a special day: we’ve actually never had a feature from Istanbul before so we wanted to give this our fullest attention! This styled wedding has a whole range of bridal looks and ideas so we’ve split it into two parts and will be featuring the second part tomorrow. The idea behind the shoot was to inspire couples thinking about the destination of their wedding to consider Istanbul in Turkey. Located at the meeting point between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a really beautiful and cosmopolitan city- I’ve been there myself and would love to go back. The vendors involved wanted to showcase the city as a great place for a destination wedding, and inspired by the spice markets held here, they used spices as their theme, using traditional Turkish elements in the decor such as copper pots. The choice of venue, Les Ottomans, was the perfect fusion of modern and traditional in the centre of this amazing city. Captured by Yeliz Atici and planned by La Lumiere Events, this styled wedding showcases Istanbul as exotic yet modern- the perfect choice for couples looking for a unique wedding destination! For more ideas check out our Istanbul Venue Spotlight.
  Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0014 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0013 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0007 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0006 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0000Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0002Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0018 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0022Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0023 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0025Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0004Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0015 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0021Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0020 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0010 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0012 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0019Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0011 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0005 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0001 Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0008Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0009Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0024Istanbul Shoot by www.yelizaticiblog.com_0016

Photography: Yeliz Atici Photography | Planning and Flowers: La Lumiere Events | Venue: Les Ottomans | Wedding Dresses: Niquie | Stationery & Calligraphy: Beng and Bend Design | Cakes: Aysem Oztas | Wedding Favors, Cake Toppers, Ring Boxes, Silk Ribbons, Garters, Bunting: Le Petit Mariage | Hair & Makeup: Goksel Colak | Head Piece: Ekria Jewelry

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