I absolutely love elopements because in all honestly, what’s more romantic than jetting off to a foreign country with your favourite people to make one of the most important commitments of your life? For Jordi, Bego and their son Nolan, it was the perfect option for them. With a mutual love for Scotland, it was a quick decision to elope there but Jordi’s adoration of dolphins meant that the location had to be the Isle of Skye. Loving this today.
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We were together for 5 years when we had our son, Nolan. We met at work and one of the first interests we shared was our love for Scotland. I had been there before several times, and Jordi had once but for work reasons and so he didn’t see much. So it was my great pleasure to show him and our son the spots I loved and to discover new places together.

For a long time we wanted to get married but we were looking for the perfect location, a place we really loved, a place that meant something deep for us, and the idea of Scotland had come up before we got pregnant with our child, but we postponed it. Then when we finally made up our mind to get married we knew it had to be the Isle of Skye, Scotland. We looked for information and we saw some weddings in Lock Coruisk. It was perfect for us, as it had all the ingredients we wanted: isolation, sea, mountains, beautiful scenery, seals (didn’t know about the dolphins). By the way, I’m also a dolphin lover. For us, it was clear in the first place it had to be Loch Coruisk, we didn’t even look for a plan b in case of bad weather, it had to be this one.

We found a lot of information concerning Scotland when we were planning. It was all very clear. At first we wanted a very simple wedding with nothing at all, just us. But when we decided the place, we knew we had to book a photographer to take the images. We contacted Roz and Norma Skinner, besides being great photographers, they helped us through all the arrangements because we didn’t know where to start. We contacted John Howieson who is also a great person, really helpful, and Liz from the registrar office in Portree was also great. And after booking the photographer, we had to get the dresses, the hairdresser Heather Campbell and the florist Carole from Portree. And the boat, we rented a private boat from Anne in Misty Isle Boat, who also was a great help. They all did a great job. Everything through the email. It was great!

We wanted a very simple ceremony, but we had the handfasting which was an old Scottish tradition and  doesn’t exist where we live and we found it really meaningful for the wedding ceremony, two cords that came as two, and left as one.

The best decision we made was booking the photographers Roz and Norma, because they were the main help for us being abroad with their endless advice. They recommended all the people we didn’t know, and it all turned out to be great. This wedding was a success because we were surrounded with very serious and professional people, and also great characters.

The most memorable moment was the wedding ceremony in front of the lake, the mountains, all the scenery and us, feeling so small amongst all the beauty of nature. But as a dolphin lover I am, I must confess I have booked many trips to see dolphins in my life, and I wasn’t expecting to see them that day, I was happy with the seals as witnesses for my wedding. I asked several times just in case, but they told me we wouldn’t see them. As we were sailing, the skipper said: “Do you know I told you we wouldn’t see the dolphins today?” “Yes,” I said. “Well, here they are!” I couldn’t believe it. Being my wedding day and also my 40th birthday, it was the best present ever! They were there, next to us, we could have touched them. And the most wonderful thing for me, is with Norma and Roz taking photos, I could just enjoy the view and embrace it forever. We are also really pleased that it was the only day in our stay that didn’t rain at all! And it wasn’t windy either, so the best day for us! Thank you Scotland.

Photography; Euphoria Photography | Ceremony Venue; Loch Coruisk, Elgol, Isle of Skye | Florist; Carole from Portree | Wedding Celebrant; John Howieson | Hair Stylist; Heather Campbell

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