Amy and I are currently on a little adventure around Italy so it’s with a lot of happiness we are sharing the wedding video of Irish couple, Brendan and Claires wedding in Positano today. While we won’t be making a stop in this beyond perfect hillside town on our own trip this week, its a real treat to not only see the beauty of its quaint dwellings and streets, but the warmth of its local residents as they serenade and dance with the bride and groom outside their towns chapel. With an atmosphere as warm as the days sun, I can’t help but wish I myself had been a guest at this beautiful wedding. With many little moments and surprises that occurred unplanned throughout the day.. like being escorted by a brass band through the winding streets, we are sure that Brendan and Claire will never forget how amazing their day was – but if they do, at least they have this artful wedding movie by Show and Tell to remind them. 

Claire + Brendan // Positano, Italy from Show and Tell Films on Vimeo.

From Rueben at Show and Tell;

“On the day of Claire and Brendan’s wedding I woke around 6 a.m to the sound of thunder and torrential rain. I was a bit annoyed considering I’d travelled all the way to Italy in the hope of stunning Mediterranean weather. If I wanted rain I’d have stayed in Belfast. But as we journeyed up the hills over looking Sorrento and the Gulf of Naples the clouds seemed to lift and there was promise of a sunny day ahead. Fortunately for Claire and Brendan the weather was stunning all day long.

As we drove into Positano, a quaint old town wedged between the sea and a cliff, we were met randomly by a brass band. They saw Claire and decided to escort her and her bridal party as we walked down the narrow and bustling streets. The combination of all these things was quite amazing, it was a truly lovely experience to capture on film.

After the ceremony the wedding progressed onto a cliff top balcony and Brendan help kick start the dancing with his rather legendary moves.

All in all, an epic experience and one I’ll never forget.”

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