Sandy and Edward took a pre-wedding trip last summer from Beijing to Paris, the city in which they are currently planning their destination wedding. They flew to Paris for a week to oversee all the little details of their celebration and at the same time decided to have their engagement portraits taken. They met up with Olivier from WeddingLight Photography and together visited the Seine, the Isle St Louis, the gardens of the Palais Royal, and the Place Dauphine. Olivier planned the day so that the couple would enjoy their photo tour, going beyond the usual tourist locations to visit more unusual destinations such as an art gallery he loves and one of his favorite cafés tucked away in a private little street.

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“Edward and I met in Sydney Australia when we were doing our Masters degree. Edward loves European history, and had visited Paris before. We saw Olivier’s work online before we come to Paris and really liked it- his photography is stylish and natural, and he seemed to capture his subjects as relaxed and enjoying themselves. We were a bit nervous at the beginning as neither of us are used to having our portrait taken but we really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time seeing Paris. We went to quite a few less obvious spots as well, such as an artist’s shop and a beautiful theatre backyard, which was surprising. We went to “l’Escargot” after our photo shoot, a local restaurant that Olivier recommended, and had steak and oysters which were just delicious. It was great to have an authentic dinner after three and half hours of shooting! Our modeling experience was both surprising and fun, I believe it was the greatest day we spent in Paris. We had so much fun!”

Planning: WeddingLight Events | Photographer: Olivier Lalin of WeddingLight Photography |Hair and Makeup: Marion & Florian | Sandy’s Outfit: Red Valentino | Edward’s Outfit: Ermenegildo Zegna


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