Kathryn and Will’s beautiful and intimate wedding celebration took place last August: both sets of the couple’s parents had gotten married on the same date 40 years ago, which we think is pretty spectacular! The couple flew from Chicago to Paris to celebrate, having been to the city before and loved it. Kathryn had her dress custom made and we adore the two-piece style with its gorgeously full baby pink pocketed skirt. We also love that during their ceremony the IheartParis Photography team helped Will and Kathryn to set up a Skype video call so they could broadcast their special day to loved ones back home. After the ceremony the couple had portraits taken at a cafe right around the corner from the Eiffel Tower, on the Alexandre III bridge and finally at the Petit Palais with its gorgeous gilded doors, before heading to family style diner Buvette in Montmartre for their reception.

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“Will and I met through mutual friends and had struck up a friendship years before we started dating. I remember we had not seen each other in a very long time because Will had moved from Chicago to New York City. To celebrate Will’s move back to Chicago he met my sister’s family and I out for dinner. At the dinner Will said that night he knew that he loved me but waited six months to tell me. Flash-forward a few years later on November 22, 2014 it was my 30th birthday and we celebrated the entire weekend. We went to shows, movies, a “staycation” at one of my favorite hotels and ate our way through the weekend. All this leading up to coming back home to at our apartment where I was in bed reading and Will proposed. It was a perfect way to end my birthday celebration.


We ultimately knew we wanted an intimate ceremony where we could really connect and spend time with our families. Besides having my sister and her family here in Chicago, the rest of our family is spread all over the United States so we rarely see each other as a whole. When we were trying to come up with a date we realized that both of our parents were married on the same day, same year and this year was their 40th anniversary. That coincidence settled the fact that we wanted to honor our parents by continuing on their anniversary with ours. When looking for the location we both had been to Paris before and just loved it. For the venue I had a few options but honestly in my Internet searching I typed in “English ceremony Paris, France” and the American Church in Paris was one of the top links. I looked at the church online and just thought “this is too good to be true”. I emailed back and forth with the church (who were so helpful) and we were able to finalize the venue in about two weeks from my initial start of searching. Usually the American Church in Paris does not do ceremonies on Sundays, but because of the importance of our date they worked with us. We didn’t actually didnt’ end up using a planner… #Girlboss!


The only real daunting task for me was to figure out if we could have our ceremony overseas. Thanks to the Internet I found out we could have a ceremony but we had to just be legally married before we flew over. That in itself was a fun experience. On a Saturday morning in July Will and I went downtown Chicago to city hall and were married. If you’ve ever been to a wedding a city hall you will know what I’m referring to. We met so many wonderful families and couples and the overall scene was just so joyous I felt like I had to pinch myself.


Will and I decided we wanted the overall theme to be very traditional and classic but with a twist. My dress for example was handmade and took over a year to make with back and forth trips to Ohio from Chicago. It was a two piece gown and the skirt was a sheer baby pink, with the petticoat having different shades of pink underneath. Will had fun picking out red and white polka dotty socks and I had them choose a tie that had some pink in it but I wasn’t worried about having everything match exactly.


The best decision we made was to be selfish. I’ve always known I wanted to have a small wedding. We threw the idea of Paris out there right after we got engaged and we both never really looked back. I think for me one of my favorite moments was during our photo shoot- we were walking around Paris with our photographers and the scene was so “chill”. Not to mention everyone we saw congratulating us, it was a very lovely moment. For Will he loved it when we arrived at the restaurant. We initially were going to rent out Buvette’s but when we realized how small our party was we just made a reservation. When we walked in with our photographers – the whole restaurant congratulated us and were toasting with us. It was a moment that Will says he will remember forever. We have zero regrets, and our only advice would be: remember this day is about you and your life partner. Going in with that mindset will really simplify the process.”

Photography: IheartParis Photography | Church: The American Church | Florist: Fleur Desir | Hair & Makeup:  Modern Beauties | Getting Ready Location: Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme | Reception: Buvette | Bride’s Dress: Custom by Beverly Smith, Troy, Ohio| Bride’s Belt: Crystal Bridal Belt by Ciara | Bridal Hair Pins: ‘Antique Star’ Mini Hair Pins by Nina | Bride’s Shoes: Double Sole Oxford from AGL | Bride’s Ring: Custom by Leber Jeweler Inc. | Bride’s Necklace: Family Heirloom | Bride’s Earrings: Diamond Starburst Double-Drop by David Yurman (inspired by Paris fireworks) | Groom’s Suit: Suit Supply | Groom’s Shirt: El Ganso | Groom’s Tie: The Tie Bar | Groom’s Shoes: Allen Edmonds | Groom’s Socks: The Tie Bar | Groom’s Pocket Square: Custom by Beverly Smith | Groom’s Watch – Timex for J. Crew | Groom’s Bracelet: David Yurman | Groom’s Wedding Band: James Free

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