We’re delighted today to bring you the concluding installment of our Mallorca photoshoot trilogy. The largest of the Baleric islands located off the east coast of Spain, Mallorca sits between Ibiza and Minorca. Mallorca’s beautiful coastal scenery and sunny weather make it an ideal destination for a wedding. Today’s shoot perfectly showcases the lovely landscapes of the island and was brought together by an amazing team consisting of A Very Beloved Wedding and Manuela Kalupar. The bouquet of freshly gathered chamomile brings a lovely vibrancy to the colour scheme, and the sublime grey gown so perfectly moulded by the fresh sea breeze was provided by Elfenkleid. Be absolutely sure not to miss Part One and Part Two of this beautiful wedding inspiration, and if you like the look of the island check out more of our destination wedding features in Mallorca.

Wedding in Mallorca by www.manuelakalupar.com_0001 Wedding in Mallorca by www.manuelakalupar.com_0002 Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0004Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0005 Wedding in Mallorca by www.manuelakalupar.com_0006 Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0007 Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0008 Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0009 Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0010 Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0011 Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0012Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0013 Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0014 Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0015Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0016 Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0017 Mallorca Wedding Ideas by www.manuelakalupar.com_0018

Photographer: Manuela Kalupar  | Design & Styling, Floral Design, Props: A Very Beloved Wedding | Dress: Elfenkleid | Stationery: Herz & Co | Make-up Artist: Nancy Pujo | Macaroons: Kuchen mit Stil  | Locations: Mallorca nature spots, Poblo Espanyol, Banhos Arabes

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