The more familiar I become with Iceland and it’s wild and rugged landscape through real photography sessions on Fly Away Bride, the more impatient I become to book a trip to see it for myself. But alas, no such adventure is on the horizon for me and for now, I am just grateful to be able to see it through the lens of amazing photographers like Rowell Photography. Today, they are sharing with us the Pre-Wedding session of Erica and Enho, two keen travellers who wanted to capture this exiting time in their life ahead of their nuptials in Taiwan.

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From Rowell Photography

“We travelled to Iceland to photograph Erica & Enho for their Iceland Pre-Wedding Photo shoot. This Toronto couple, who plan to get married later on this year in their home country of Taiwan; are also avid travellers and adventure seekers. For their Iceland Pre-Wedding photos they wanted a mix of nature and city, the old and the new. So we photographed them at Keldur which is the location of Iceland’s oldest Turf Houses. Keldur provides some of the oldest examples of architecture on the island. Well kept and located on a farm, the tiny row houses are made from grass and the natural elements that were available to the first settlers. The turf houses are very old, and date back to the year 974.

In contrast, we chose the ultra modern Ion Hotel. At just 3 years young, it stands isolated from the bustle of the capital city yet surrounded by nature. Located in Thingvellir National Park, the landscape seems other worldly, with its soft green mossy ridges, and jet black rocks and sand is unlike any landscapes we have experienced anywhere else in the world. The 4 of us had planned to stop for coffee in the lobby of the hotel, but when we the hotelier mentioned that the best place to take our coffee would be in their Northern Lights Room, we were beyond intrigued. A giant floor to ceiling windowed room, made specifically to provide indoor viewing of the aurora borealis. The views are stunning, even though we came at the wrong time of day to fully experience it. The ION Hotel is just as fantastic inside as the landscape is outside.

After a little rest, and an impromptu indoor photo shoot, we were off again on our mini road trip through the park. We couldn’t help but stop for every mountain, and vista that would make a great photograph. It made the drive a lot longer, but so memorable.

The capital city of Reykjavik was our final destination. Ryan and I have really grown to love this city love the years. Aside from its obvious charms; being so clean, and welcoming, a great foodie city as well. It is very much alive.  Still on each visit I am reminded of how calm and chill the city really is. I can’t recall seeing any one rushing around, and I have yet to see a traffic jam. There are little to no skyscrapers darting their skies, in fact one of their biggest buildings is Harpa Concert Hall, which can only be described, as what the inside of a diamond must look like. It is more than impressive, its magical. We had the pleasure of wandering around the interior of this glittering fortress, taking some of my favorite photos of the year there.

Iceland to say the least has once again inspired us with it natural beauty, its wonderfully unique architecture that contrasts the old and the new so perfectly. For such a tiny country, it boasts huge experiences. We are beyond thrilled to share with you these Iceland Pre-Wedding Photos.”


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