Margrét and Oddur’s whimsically rustic wedding took place outside of Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik. Their ceremony was held a tiny but hugely colourful hilltop church, and afterwards the couple travelled to a picturesque waterfall for portraits before joining their guests for the wedding reception at an ancient grass-roofed viking house. A vintage American car was their ride for the day: the whole celebration was simple, beautiful and full of whimsy, captured perfectly by Orange Blossom Photography.

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“We first met at a summer job in 2007: at the end of that summer Margrét asked (me) Oddur if I was going to the Westman Islands Festival (it’s the biggest festival in Iceland, held at the Westman Islands a few miles off the south-western coast of Iceland). I told her I wasn’t because I didn’t have a ticket, but then I did end up getting one and going: on the last day of the festival I found Margrét. I told her why I had come and we kissed and watched the fireworks together. The day after the festival I went on a three week trip around Europe. I called her so often that my phone bill was around $1200! She moved in with me that same year and we bought a labrador called Emma. In 2010 we had our son Benedikt and 2011 our daughter Laufey, and three years later we went on a trip to NY, where I had secretly planned to propose to her in Central Park. I contacted Julieanne from Orange Blossom Photography and she gave me some advice and we totally nailed it, I couldn’t have done it without her help. Here is a link to our story, if you’d like to read more!


We got married in a small church called Kotstrandarkirkja, built in 1909. We wanted a low profile countryside wedding, so the church was absolutely perfect. From the church to the venue was only a five minute drive so that was really convenient for us. The wedding party was at place called Ingolfsskáli or The Lodge Of Ingólfur. It was exactly what we were looking for: a warm, cosy countryside lodge. The biggest challenge in Iceland when you are planning an event is weather. It’s constantly changing and can go from clear sky to heavy rain in just a few minutes. We were lucky, that day was only a light breeze and partly cloudy. Other challenges were how to get all the people to the church and from there to the venue, we have relatives in the shuttle business so we got help from them. Getting the cake there was a bit challenging to, but the pastry chef chose a cake that he could bake in Reykjavík and then cater on the spot at the venue thirty miles away. We didn’t use a planner in the end and organised everything ourselves, going for a bohemian country style celebration.


Margret’s best friend took a video of our kids and which she showed at the wedding and it was a complete surprise to us. She asked them a lot of questions about us and our way of life: it was hilarious and adorable. We were so proud of them as we watched, it was definitely one of the most memorable moments. We also bought 150 pairs of sunglasses for the guests to wear, which ended up being quite funny- and even better it really brought the guests together. The selfie wall was also great, where we had a Polaroid camera that printed the pictures after taking them, we had written small tickets with random guests’ names and the guests had to find the other person on the ticket and take a picture with them, then hang it on the selfie wall. We have absolutely no regrets, our advice is that everything can go wrong but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Life is spontaneous and you have to live it spontaneously. As soon as people stop worrying about what can go wrong on their wedding day, they will enjoy it and have better memories.”

Photography: Orange Blossom Photography | Ceremony Venue: Kotstrandarkirkja | Reception Venue: Ingolfsskali | Florist: Gardheimar | Cake: Axel Þorsteinsson | Hair Stylist: Kompaníið | Makeup Artist: Sylvía Rut Sigfúsdóttir | Bride’s Dress: Mori Lee | Bride’s Shoes: Benjamin Walk | Bridesmaid Dresses: Custom | Groom’s Suit: Hugo BOSS (Silk-Whool) | Groom’s Shoes: Hugo BOSS (vero cuoio) | Groomsmen Suits: Armani | Wedding Celebrant: Bjarni Karlsson | Wedding DJ: DJ Fúzi

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