Hydrangeas have always fascinated me, not only their beautiful blooms but also the fact that the soil in which they grow affects the colours of the flowers. Pink flowers are the result of an alkaline soil, but if the soil is acidic, the flowers will be blue. When I was growing up we had a strange bush of brownish-purple hydrangeas so I always thought our soil must have been- in the style of baby bear’s porridge- “just right”… Although to be honest it didn’t make for a very nice shade of bloom. Thankfully the hydrangea wedding bouquets we come across, with their gorgeous shades (personally I love the blues) and voluminous delicate petals are particularly apt for wedding arrangements. There’s also an ethereal quality to this flower which reminds me somehow of clouds. I’ve included both blue and pink hydrangea-inspired boards below. Hope you enjoy!

Hydrangeas in a wedding

✈ Availability

Hydrangeas have a long season, from early spring to late summer. But your florist should be able to source them all year round- we are seeing an increase in hydrangea wedding bouquets used in autumn and winter weddings.

✈ Care

This flower droops very quickly without water so hydration is really important. To store your blooms before creating a bouquet or table arrangement, one tip is to submerge the flower heads in water first for a 5 minute stint. Remove from water and shake very slightly to dry, making sure not to damage the flowers or stems. Cut the stems at an angle and place as normal in water. Store the flowers in a cool place until they are needed. If you are creating flower arrangements the morning of the wedding, make sure you leave the stems with some water otherwise they will begin to droop.

✈ Colours

Hydrangeas mostly come in blue, pink and white tones. But did you know that you can dye your flowers to match any exact shade? Many people use white hydrangeas for this as a base for the shade they want, but you can also use flower dye to deepen or enhance the natural shade of the bloom itself. Here’s an example of a product and what can be achieved. I’ve come across some pretty gaudy examples in the past but it actually can be done really nicely too!

Pink hydrangeas in wedding

What do you think- are you a blue, pink, or perhaps a classic white hydrangea fan?

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  1. Lauren

    Great info and beautiful, beautiful boards! I’m definitely a fan of the white, but I had dried hydrangeas at my wedding, and they were a beautiful dusty pink shade. I’m not sure what color they were when they were fresh!


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